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"saturn in sagittarius"Today I return to the Empress. Here are parts One and Two and Three so you can catch up.

And this may be my last Empress post for now. I can’t keep away from her for long. She matters too much.

Things are going interestingly on my new YouTube channel. I am doing monthly Tarotscopes for all the astrological signs. Today a viewer suggested I make weekly videos and I agree that would be a good thing — but a lot more work. Maybe I’ll start a Patreon.

This morning one of the cards for Scorpio was Empress. I was seeing lots of up and down emotions for Scorpio. Peak experiences. Peak experiences of joy and possibly peak experiences of sorrow. Or perhaps worry. I saw Chariot and I saw Empress, among others. Chariot is on the move but Empress sits still. Thus was my advice overall for Scorpio in January — that when you feel rocked? Sit down.

Empress is a creatrix yes but she does it from her seat of power, not frantic. Royal.

How to attain without trouble? Take the Royal Road says Empress.

Many are still recovering from Full Moon weekend. It was a doozy, yes!  Full Moon in Cancer creating a Cardinal Grand Cross which in plain English means… I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t on edge, at least a little bit. Today’s Moon in Leo is a sigh of relief. It’s a slow week astrologically which gives us a chance to recover.

What you need to know about Empress before we say farewell to her, for now:

whether or not she has a dime in the bank, she is rich. Whether or not she has had a baby, she is mother. Even if she is a city dweller, she dwells in the forest and the river and the body earth mother mother earth body body. She is pleasure abundance nourishing enjoying earthy outdoors woman giving and receiving pleasure and abundance and earth and body, giving birth PASSION AND JOY!

To what do you give birth? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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