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I’m glad to see the Queen of Wands (Rods) today. She’s here as a reminder. Not to grovel. Not to beg. Not to be or do anything less than Queen of Fire behavior.

She is the Witch. She is sexual. Creative. Radiant. Faithful. Commanding. Passionate. No matter what she’s got going on, she  makes time for herself. Traditionally she represented “a good harvest,” honest woman of the countryside.

According to some Tarot writers, the Queens embody their suit. The Queen of Wands will express her Wandsyness behind the scenes, in relationships, rather than out in the world — which is more the King’s province. Queens as being; Kings as doing. Now this could be a helpful line of thought in your readings. When you see a Queen you may feel a more receptive or “feminine” approach compared to goal-oriented rule-the-world King.

One of the most important things about learning the Royal Court is in understanding rank. A Page is not a Knight is not a Queen is not a King. I find these distinctions helpful.

But back to our Queen. How does she differ from the other Queens? Well, as stated above, she is the Fire Queen. She’s not about the money (although successful she may be). That’s Pentacles. Earth. She’s not about the feelings and most certainly not about her feelings for you. That’s Cups. Water. And she’s not here to rip you to shreds with her forked tongue. That’s Swords. Air. See, the Queen of Wands is BUSY. With HER stuff. When she shows up reversed, she’s probably taken on too much.

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One of my favorite writers, Angeles Arrien, focuses on this Queen’s Self-Discovery quest. You know, I think all the Wands are motivated in this way — towards the “splendor of awakening.” But don’t get me wrong. She is generous. She will give. She can love. But you better pay her tribute. She doesn’t mind a little worship.

When you see this Queen, the Witch is you and the Witch is not you. The Witch may be a guardian spirit come to sit down beside you and talk it out: where you’re at. Where you need to be. (And I am using the word Witch rather broadly here — a spiritual seeker, with or without spell casting.)

We are currently in a FIRE month. This is Sagittarius Season. It is THE time to bond with Fire spirits, symbols, Gods and Goddesses, according to your tradition and desire.

See, we aren’t supposed to touch the ground this month. We are supposed to foresee, forecast, predict, visualize, imagine. Where you are. Where you want to be.

Wishing you good cards xx
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