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Today’s Tarot is the Eight of Wands!

I feel like… I feel like we saw the Eight of Wands not too long ago because I remember reading (probably in a Rachel Pollack book) that there are no people or animals or even body parts (like the Aces with their huge hands) in the Eight of Wands.

And yet for today’s draw I used a different deck and in this deck, in this card, the Eight of Wands DOES have a human, male, figure.

This, my friends, is a card of FIRE. Perfect for Sagittarius Season! Eight Wands burst through the air. To where?

When I see this card, I know it’s going to happen. When I see this card, I feel YES. When I see this card I feel SOON. I feel NOW. The Eight of Wands, like so many of the Wands cards, wants to get the message out. Eight times, eight ways, eight seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years. It shall be! Probably not months or years. The Wands are too fast for such slow timing.  They can’t wait.

A little astro for your perusal:

We have a busy week ahead! I write in more detail about this stuff on my personal blog, but wanted to add a few words here because these transits are as major as a card from the Major Arcana: the larger cycles of your life. Fated events and ongoing stories.

"saturn in sagittarius" We’ve got Jupiter going retrograde, Venus entering Capricorn, and then another tense Uranus Pluto stand-off over the weekend. The Uranus Pluto square in a nutshell: where these two planets have been transiting your chart, for the last couple years, is where you have felt, experienced, no sense of stability. You have felt, experienced, uncertainty, change, even upheaval. Fear. We have one more exact square in 2015 and then these two big guns will separate and I believe despite the scorched earth, you’ll be left with peace. And you may miss the insanity at first. And then you won’t. You’ll be off on your Next Great Adventure.

Wishing you good cards, easy transits xx


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