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"new moon in capricorn" I feel like writing about one of the more gruesome cards. A card we don’t like to see. That’s my idea of Sunday night fun. So I’m flipping through my deck because I didn’t want to write about the Five of Cups (which I pulled) even though Five of Cups IS a gruesome card. I’m not in the mood. I want something more dramatic.

Okay. Here we go. THE MAGICIAN. And, no, I wouldn’t call this a gruesome card but a juicy one! Is he really a Magician? Or a tricky dick? Is he serving the Divine? Or his ego? And can he tell the difference? Can YOU?

When you see this card, you have to ask yourself those questions. Forget about using Reversed cards, my friends. Divine the meaning straight-up. LEARN the Reversed meanings, yes. But intuit them. You’ll know if those tools on his table are for real or a sham. Whether that sword can cut. Whether the wine is water. If the Pentacle is a penny. And that Wand? Heh.

The astrology is pretty gruesome though! An exact Uranus Pluto square today and a week from today Uranus goes direct. Why do I sound so chipper then? Here’s a thought: we’re in transit now. We’re safe. We haven’t reached the shore. We haven’t reached the station. The past is gone. The future is wrapped up in Uranus going direct — the bullet train of all transits. It comes; it conquers. We’ve got a week reprieve. Maybe.

Also, next week (and I’ll address this in more detail) is the Solstice and the New Moon in Capricorn at a very special ZERO degrees. How’s that for a new start? Begin the begin."uranus square pluto"

The Magician is a commander. THE commander of the Tarot deck. He doesn’t dream like the High Priestess. He’s not an addict like the Devil. He’s not Fool-foolish or stick-up-his-you-know-what Emperor or Hierophant MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. The Magician doesn’t care what you do. The Magician doesn’t have a law for you. The Magician is too busy to care. He also has great hair. The infinity symbol is his consort. Does it get any better?

But, as we discussed, the potential dark side here is that he’s nothing but the red caped manager of a hardware store, not a power tool in sight. Not that I have anything against managers or hardware stores but we want the Magician to BE what he seems. Not just seem what he is.

Wishing you good cards xx 

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