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I was rolling a stone around in my hand. A crystal. An astrologer told me once to do that — that I needed to, that it would relax me. Keep my hands busy. My chart is Mercury-ruled. I’m a Virgo Rising. Mercury rules the hands. So I was rolling the purple stone, purple crystal between my thumb and index finger, not a tumbled stone but with some grooves and ridges to it as my client was talking, my client with the famous name but unrelated to the famous, far as I know.

Do you mind if I use the cards too? I asked him. I like astrology and tarot together. Astrology gives me the big picture. Tarot helps me zoom in. He knew enough astrology to know about his 12th House Sun and the potential pitfalls thereof but also 12th House mystery.

I’m happy today. Happy alone. Happy in my 12th House way. I don’t have a 12th House Sun but my Venus is there. I had a good reading. I slept well. Got my list of things to do (yay Virgo Rising). Everything in order. And a delicious soup from the new restaurant down the street. I’m happy today. Fed. I liked his response to the reading — he had a sense of the… gravity of it. His life. His changes. His transits. Possibility. And then the cards spoke through me.

But even before that I tried to give him chizuk (strength). He’s an artist. He has the path of an artist. Zig zag. And all those people who put him down, well maybe they are jealous of his freedom, and oh what transits he is under! Pluto through his first  house messing with his natal Uranus and natal Mars and Saturn and…

He reminded me of me. A bit.

They say that’s what happens. Our clients reflect back to us our own issues. This one was really spot on though.

You haven’t decided yet, I told him, when I saw the Justice card. Libra. And another meaning I remember reading in Rachel Pollack — the need to be honest with yourself.

I didn’t mention this secondary meaning to him at the time, but it revealed itself to be true about 30 minutes later. There was this gap between… the dream of what could be, 12th House potential, and what remained unsaid, close to him.

I don’t think I drew a crowning card for him. We were still chatting past the hour, and whatever other cards I drew are long gone now (but saved on the recording!).

I come into contact with a lot of lives — and I am looking for a word for how that feels. Respect. I respect all these lives and I see commonalities and a lot of pain and confusion, at every age. I don’t know why I was chosen or why I chose to do this — not exactly. I was led, a series of my own zig zag. But this is what I do. Who I am.

Do you have a question for me? I am happy to do quick one or two card readings here on the blog.

Wishing you good cards xx

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