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This is the dark time. The dark time of year in the Big City, Northern Hemisphere. And we need light. Lucky for us, finally, we have some light. We’re still neck-deep in Scorpio Season but Venus, Goddess of Love, has entered frisky fire sign Sagittarius. This is Good News, which is what Sagittarius prefers.

Where do you find light? Do you create it, generate it? Or seek it outside yourself? Moon or Sun? Maybe in the beating of your heart. I like hearts. I realize that I collect them. Not bloody pulpy hearts but cool red ones — made of glass or ceramic or wood. The ones that aren’t real.

A story: I’m frustrated in my new town. I don’t have a car. The public transportation is good, but tricky, especially if you want to go food shopping and you want decent food. So today I went on an adventure to get to this One Store and I got there and it took forever and a day to get back.

I’m home now, and warm, and staring at my candle magic. I am doing a ritual. I started it the other night and will continue until the 22nd of November, the New Moon in Sagittarius (Venus will be conjunct the New Moon, FYI). Seven nights. Burning particular candles for a particular purpose and as I noted in one of my chat rooms: the intention of my candle magic is changing. I went in with one idea and the act of DOING this ritual, with intention each night has given birth to…  me.

My birth chart, my natal chart, is low in fire. An astrologer once told me that candles were good for me — to increase fire, warmth, radiance.

"new moon in sagittarius" Two candles. The candle snuffer nearby. Matches. And my new red glass heart. I don’t what it’s supposed to be. Too heavy to be a Christmas ornament maybe but… I got it at an antique store. The one who loves me truly will buy me hearts. Venus rules love and money, money and love.

But I digress. Since about my fourth sentence up there I digress, but what I know is this: Venus has entered Sagittarius and our love has come home from her wandering. Our love has come home by telling a story. Jupiter, ruler of Sag, is the storyteller.

And you know what I’m going to say: if you are finding yourself in a dark time, then light a candle and maybe a red one and pretend you’re in my Tarot class (or actually take my Tarot class) and think how you can be more like this Queen of Wands we know and love — she is passionate. She is fierce. Huge sunflower. Flower of fire.

Wishing you good cards xx

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