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"full moon eclipse in aries"

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Are you happy with your life?
What do you want to change?
Full Moons signal endings, revelations, BIG emotions, and letting go.
And a Full Moon Eclipse? Even more so. What do you want to release? It could be a person, place, thing, or idea 🙂

Try this short but sweet Tarot spread for deeper insight:

Card One: area of life most needing your attention
Card Two: what stays
Card Three: what goes

So I shuffled my cards for a friend and WOW she got what I considered three good cards. It really made me think.

The area of her life most needing her attention: Six of Wands.

Wands are often career cards but what I felt for her was more around… self-esteem. Tooting her own horn. Acting AS IF. Having confidence. Believing in herself. Getting back on the horse KNOWING she will win. Back on track. Amassing followers. Support. Parade. Victory.

Six Wands made me think… six weeks, six months, and the sixth month (June). Six opportunities. Six positive paths to follow. Six inspirations. Six creative directions. Six people on your side. Six dreams made real. HAVE PRIDE in your accomplishments.

Believe in yourself, dear friend. Believe that good things do and will happen for you. Nobody left. Nobody left your side. It’s just that sometimes the clouds come and cover your eyes. No clouds in the Six of Wands, just a pure blue sky.

What stays? THE SUN. I call this a reinforcing card. In our September Tarot class we talked about reinforcing pairs and the Sun definitely echoes the joy of the Six of Wands here. AND there’s a horse. She is moving forward, in harmony with her passions and animal nature. Vibrant oranges and reds in these cards. Oranges and reds of pleasure, happiness.

I love these cards, dear friend. I predict good things for you. And this is what you need to focus on: the FEELINGS these cards evoke in you.

What goes? Judgement. I read this card quite literally. Stop judging others. Stop judging yourself. Can you? You know I usually like this card but in this context? What we see are, well, corpses, rising from the dead, to be judged, but, honey, YOU’RE NOT DEAD YET. And you don’t need Gabriel’s horn to bring you back to life. You’re right here on earth, striving, working, hoping, creating, loving, seeking love and life. Do not wait for an angel to lead you. Release all judgement. Release all resentment. Amen.

Wishing you good cards xx


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