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"full moon lunar eclipse in aries"

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What you can do this Full Moon (Eclipse) is release the pain from inside the nut. Release it. Let it go. I wasn’t sure how far this metaphor could take me so I looked up “nut” on my Mac dictionary/thesaurus 🙂

Nut: a fruit consisting of a tough shell around an edible kernel. Your pain is the edible kernel. Your pain is not only edible, it’s delicious. Ah that’s the metaphor, that’s the key to the metaphor: that you keep eating this pain, eating and eating and eating it. You make yourself sick eating it. It has become poison. You have to slice it out.

Someone in the Eclipse class alerted me to this fact, because she drew the Devil card as the matter most needing her attention. The Devil is 15 in the Major Arcana, which adds up to six and six is the Lovers card. Two sides, same nut. And 15 is the Eclipse degree.

THE ISSUES IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU ARE FACING THAT YOU ARE TORTURING YOURSELF OVER: there are two sides to them. Like the opposition aspect in astrology. And Full Moons are oppositions of Moon and Sun and this one is Aries-Libra which is the relationship axis. All roads lead back to RELATIONSHIPS this Eclipse no matter what else is going on for you in your natal chart or your transit chart and within that nut is the edible fruit which has somehow grown rotten from overuse or misuse or miscommunication or fantasy, and there are two sides: the Devil and the Lovers. Which do you prefer?

The six in the Tarot, the Lovers card in the Tarot, is about making a choice. You have a choice of what to release and let go. You have a choice in what to keep. Make this choice with integrity, with what feels right to you. Libra is an Air sign, objective. Aries is a Fire sign, impatient. Can you meet in the middle? Choose wisely and then go for it?

When something grows old or stale or rotten in your refrigerator, do you inspect it? Oh my look at that blue fuzz! Isn’t that interesting! You probably don’t mourn the loss of your tofu. And yet a Full Moon Eclipse along the Aries/Libra axis, while Mercury is retrograde, requires we not just BOLT and toss it away, and yet…

I wrote on my Private Blog this morning:

I release…
I release…
I release…

Preparing myself for my Full Moon Eclipse ritual, preparing myself for Blood Moon Magic, preparing myself for making a choice based on deep thought and taking an accounting and deep feeling and taking the long way, no short cuts, as I prepare myself to enter into ritual time and space.

Do you do this? Do you do magic? Do you believe? Do you believe that your intentions can, like the Magician card in the Tarot, change your course?

This Full Moon is a perfect time to try, with or without candle, cards, and prayer, but I suggest you choose a way IN and you’ll find that the Moon’s wave and glow and clearness and wisdom and shifting tides and jewel box opens up to you, yes, like the fruit in the nut, no longer sick, but sweet sweet sweet.

Wishing you good cards xx

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