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"Aliza Einhorn Knight of Wands"

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Do you ever fall in love and not know why? I fell in love with Tarot. I am in love with Tarot. But I don’t think about it, you know? I just do it. Live it. And sometimes I wonder why or how. As a kid I wasn’t into the occult. I was into music and music magazines and later on in high school I was into poetry and I became a poet and playwright and…

I just bought another deck. I asked my husband if he thought I had a lot of decks. I counted them. Around 10. I was surprised it was that low. They don’t take up much space 🙂 His response was a little different.

But I fell in love.

And then last night I was watching some Grey’s Anatomy (not sure yet how I feel about the new season) and starting perusing a website featuring different decks divided into categories and I discovered the oh so rich world of Erotic Tarot. Yes, friends, that was my Friday night.

Mercury is currently retrograde. It entered Scorpio but backed into Libra. What do we do with Mercury retrograde? All the RE words, which you’ll read on damn near every astrology website. Redo. Review. Rewind. Reignite. Remember. REsearch. Reconsider. Renew. Recall. Rethink. The list is nearly endless and I love these RE words because I love to look back, being a Cancer Sun and all.

What you need to do now is find the Libra House in your chart. Do you know how to do this?

Libra rules partnership and marriage and beauty but also peace and justice. Fairness and balance.

To what, to whom, are you married? And how many Tarot decks do you have? 


I pulled a card for what you need to review this retrograde season and I got the Knight of Wands. Haven’t seen him in a while. Time to review what you’re going after. All Knights are on a quest. Seeking to rescue, seeking to save. The Journeying. Knight of Wands is our adventure-Knight. I often see him in relocation spreads or when there’s a move on the horizon.

So that’s the question I have for you, a very simple question, ha! Where are you going? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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