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"ten of wands tarot card meaning" It’s here. In my neck of the woods, it’s here. The better weather. The smell of fall. The rain is a cold rain. I light more candles around the house. I crave warm food and the smell of baking bread and apples and the noises outside automatically lower and descend. It’s as if everybody knows shhh there is a witch in the house 😉

And by “witch” I mean, the toys that I play with aren’t toys at all. Cards and charts and stones and colors and ideas. And yet I play. All is calm. And then there’s the cats. I have three cats. I like to sweep. Have I ever cast a spell? No I have not. I know nothing about spell casting. Yet. But this is how I’ve lived for as long as I can remember. With reverence. With ritual. The veil has always been thin between this world and the next for me. I remember a reader once telling me that my soul didn’t come down all the way.

Today I draw for you three cards for Halloween, for fall, for the upcoming New Moon Scorpio Eclipse. All three are for what you need to know for the rest of delicious October:

Jeez Louise, Tarot! You are challenging me. I am using a new deck so I feel new things when I gaze at these cards but oy vey!

Fascinating to me how different decks will reveal different tones. This Ten of Rods (from the Palladini deck) looks like a bouquet. The figure is hugging them. Not as a burden but as a cherishing.

And yet the figure is alone with her/his cherished burden under the starry nighttime sky.

She doesn’t want to let them go. They are old dreams, abandoned wishes, hopes and fears and yet I feel so much hope still in this card. She is carrying her burdens home, carrying her heavy weight home. Or somewhere. She will not let them fall. They are hers to carry.

The way she cradles them makes me remember something read in Rachel Pollack that we were discussing in the Tarot class. The difficult later numbers in the Wands suit and how that cannot be ALL that the Wands are about  i.e. the Seven of Wands dude is fighting. The Nine of Wands dude is tired from fighting. And then the 10 of Wands dude is still marching on. The Eight of Wands is more positive, symbolizing news traveling fast, movement, and the “arrows of love.”

But here you are, cradling, cherishing what is yours. For whatever reason you need it. When it’s time to let it go, you will.

"new moon eclipse in scorpio" And then we see another gloomy card, the Five of Pentacles. We’ve going back in time again. This happened when I drew for someone earlier. We went from a Nine to an Eight to a Two. This time we’re going from a Ten (completion) to a Five — quite a leap to the halfway mark.

The Five of Pentacles is one of those stark cards but Tarot books are always quick to tell us that those sad figures could get help from within the church (or other safe place) and that they have each other, despite the gloom. The Five is unstable. Pentacles are money, earth, resources, even health.

Now this card may not predict a money loss but it certainly shows you’re worrying about it and/or you’re worrying about it together and/or money/finances/sharing/wealth/feeling you must go without has become such a burden… that that is the burden. Not the actual dollars. You both feel poor, struck down by fate. And the church windows, the church lights gleam above purely, prettily. If only. Or maybe they have just come from a hot meal and are heading home to their less than comfortable surroundings and petty arguments.

These two are protected. I am certain of that. The snowfall may cover the earth, but that church window houses the eyes of the Divine. He/She is there if only they would look up.

What you need to know so far:
-you’re almost done
-you may be carrying something that you can set down
-spirit is with you and hears you and you are not alone
-yes you have company on your journey but why not try doing something fun instead of moaning and groaning


the Three of Rods is here. From the Ten to the Five to the Three. From fullness to halfway to… birth.

On the one hand, the ships are at a distance so you must wait. And wait. (Does he even see that ship to his left?)

On the other hand, the Three is complete in and of itself. Something has been created, been born, finished. DONE. You did it. If only you could relax now. Oh wait, you’ll get your merriment and reward in the Four of Wands!

(Truth is I would pull another card just to see but my deck is in the other room. I changed rooms because the noisy neighbors outside were harshing my writing buzz.)

Three of Wands guy may be melancholy but he’s not struggling like Ten of Wands. He’s not grasping like Ten of Wands. He’s not cold like Five of Pentacles. He’s not hooded and bent like Five of Pentacles. He’s standing straight up. He’s proud. Perfect posture by the light of the crescent moon. He’s accomplished. He’s sent words or ribbons or fruit or flowers or poems or spices or love or messages or arrows and many many ships and now this One Single Ship is… I’m not sure.

Is it coming? Is it going? He waits.

These are steps to freedom, from the Ten to the Five to the Three.  If only we could let go of that… fear. That Five of Pentacles refusal and fear. The journey wouldn’t feel so bad then.

October may bring you more questions than answers so… let’s ask the really juicy questions, my friends 🙂

What are yours? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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