"new moon in libra"

So I was doing a reading for someone the other day.
And the topic was love.
And the first card was the Tower.
And I said JUMP.
The Tower is a prison until you jump.
Until you change your consciousness.
How do you change your consciousness?
I got the Death card.
Excavation needed.

She said to me:  BUT I AM WORKING SO HARD.

Yeah. Me too. I get it. I know the feeling. When you feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING. You’re taking minerals vitamins meditation  tai chi astrology acupuncture high intensity interval training grass-fed beef psychoanalysis group therapy youtube motivational video brisk walks in the early morning Yanni six glass of water a day Kangen uplifting televisions shows occasional glass of red wine 80% dark chocolate Xanax only when absolutely needed.
And so on.

Still, I felt something remained hidden. And it was a day for blurting out. Transiting Mercury (communication) conjunct my natal Uranus (surprise!).

SOMEONE IS NOT BEING HONEST WITH YOU. Someone on your team is not telling you straight. Someone isn’t telling you the truth ABOUT THIS MATTER OF THE HEART.

"mars in sagittarius"

(And this morning I also saw the Tower. Different client but another question of love.)

Ever drop a contact lens? Super small and fragile and WITHOUT IT YOU CANNOT SEE.

You have to find it.
You have to dig.
Even if you do not know where.
How you know when you’re on the wrong track:  you’re exhausted ALL THE TIME.

So we saw the Tower.
And we saw Death.
But we also saw the ACE OF CUPS:  birth of love YOUR CUP RUNNETH OVER but not without Tower and not without Death.

I’m so so so sorry her path is adorned with the heaviest cards in the Tarot but there is no Tower and no Death without the attending REAWAKENING and who am I to say that this isn’t what is needed?

I would probably punch someone in the face if they told me that the eviction from my apartment this past July was what was needed. Or any number of other recent life events. UGH.

Let me share with you a story. I shared this in my Tarot class earlier today. I watched the first episode of the new COSMOS and it blew my mind. Loved it. And hearing that the universe is infinite – something I don’t usually ponder either way – woke me up.

Then we, too, are infinite, I thought to myself.

"mars in sagittarius"

Astrology this week:
Planet Mars (your energy, drive, desire) leaves secretive Scorpio for sporty Sagittarius on Saturday. We come up from the morbid underground, Pluto’s terrain. We come up and we look around. We are ready for adventure and room to roam! Sagittarius rules horses. Go for a ride!

Best of all: later this month and into October, Mars in Sagittarius makes sweet love to Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries giving us a GRAND TRINE in FIRE.

This will benefit us all but especially the Suns Moons and Risings of the fire signs. We will feel more hopeful, cheerful, ready, energetic, optimistic, magnetic, lucky. Please note that these are not easy planets. Well, Jupiter is our good luck charm but Mars? Mars rules violence. And Uranus? Uranus is an instigator. And yet they will be cooperating and creating this ring (triangle) of fiery inspiration and courage that is available to you all.

Love, Aliza

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