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"full moon in pisces" The Full Moon in Pisces is on Monday.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

-it can be hard to find your balance on Full Moon day and even for a couple days before or after. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other. The tendency is to see-saw between Sun and Moon, light and dark. You may fight with yourself or others. Or lock yourself in your room and weep because the energies are so overwhelming. And everything may be FINE in reality — it just becomes one of those days.

-a Full Moon is the brightest Moon of the Moon Cycle. We may go extreme Pisces or extreme Virgo. The Poet vs the Critic. The Surfer vs. the Secretary. And yet I urge you to seek the balance between. An example of this? Clean up your house (or some part of your life) but in an inspired, compassionate way. Not being self-critical, but not living in denial either. Seeing clearly, with love. Can you dust the bookshelves without hating that you don’t have time to do it perfectly? Can you let go of being so hard on yourself? 

-there may be NEWS!  Revelations. Epiphanies. Decisions. LIGHT. And even MORE LIGHT. What you thought was hidden comes out to play. Dancing bears. Dancing moon bears 🙂

-figure out how this Full Moon will affect you by learning how to read your natal chart. I do this for a living. A couple years ago I used to do Mini-Moon Readings which were little predictive snapshots of how I thought the Full Moon would affect folks. Because the FM is in Pisces, you look to the Pisces house of your chart, first and foremost, and then track the aspects it makes to the other planets.

Full Moons can be very emotional times. I would delay making any firm hard decisions around the Full Moon unless you have wise counsel. I issue this warning for THIS Full Moon in particular because it’s in Pisces and Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune rules, yes, confusion, illusion, and delusion.

How to make this (or any) Full Moon special:

Truth is, the first thing I do is keep it in mind. I don’t forget the timing. I stay aware that I may be more emo. And then I examine my chart and look for good or challenging aspects. I think about my life. Where I’m at. Where I want to go. I’m not much of a social butterfly these days but some folks have Full Moon drum circles and other events. That’s one option. I may light a candle or two. Take a special Full Moon bath. I may clean the house in honor of the Full Moon (the Sun is in healthy Virgo after all!). I keep it simple but I stay aware. Have a special meal even, a Full Moon meal. You may indulge in round foods for the round moon! Foods that you associate with Neptune. Perhaps a hearty soup! Neptune rules liquids.

Some may consider this Full Moon as culmination of the recent New Moon or as culmination of previous lunations, including Eclipses. I don’t always go that far back in time but I admit I have a lot of Virgo in my chart! I see the trees and not always the forest 😉

We often speak of New Moon intentions because the New Moon is the new start, seed time, beginning, but Full Moons are perfect for setting intentions around what you want to let go. This is also perfect for a Pisces Full Moon because Pisces is ruled by Neptune and “Neptune dissolves.”  This is a common phrase in astrology circles, speaking to the fact that Neptune’s energy is one of dissolution, disappearance, washing away.  I know I know that sounds kind of creepy 😉 but think about it —  if you are under the influence of some bad bad habit you can resolve to release it on Monday and just let it float away from you. Flush it.

Here is your Full Moon advice (shuffling cards to find just the right one for you…)

It’s the King of Cups! And one of my favorite interpretations for this card is the need to WITHHOLD emotion. To keep your passions to yourself. Rein it in. The King of Cups isn’t spilling his cup or spilling his feelings. He feels, but he’s got it under wraps. He’s got a Kingdom to run and dolphins to deal with, one hand on his hip, and he’s looking pretty spiffy. I wouldn’t try to draw any big scenes out of him. I wouldn’t push. I think this is perfect for what looks like to be an emotional Full Moon. Stand tall and proud and in full mastery of your world. Don’t let anyone get your goat. People may try to push your buttons, but you can handle them with grace and calm.

Love, Aliza

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