"mars in sagittarius"I knew I wanted to write something astrological today because Mars has recently entered Sagittarius, which feels so different than Mars in Scorpio. Lighter, more hopeful. Not bogged down in Scorpio gunk. Not that I don’t love the Scorpio gunk 😉

The problem with Sagittarius, for some, is its anti-gunk attitude. No bad news please! Don’t ruin the party! Not all Sagittarius individuals are like this but as an energy, Sagittarius flies like an arrow. In fact, the archer is one of its symbols. Keep on moving. Sagittarius, despite its tendency towards distraction and obliviousness, is a long range thinker. But what, if anything, will those thoughts manifest? Plenty. Sagittarius has a reputation for being lucky. I think it’s because they are friendly. Surely one out of those 100 contacts will be able to help them out, right?

Sometimes we need that light touch. I’m a pretty deep person. With a cup of sorrow on the side. And spirituality. A friend of mine last night called me consistent. On a bad day this could be someone who cannot move forward. A lack of fire in my natal chart. I like being serious. I am serious. I love my nature. AND YET. All us Scorpio types (I’m not a Scorpio but I have strong Pluto in my chart) need a little clown every now and then. But that’s the key: “every now and then.”

See, where Mars is transiting your chart for the next month or so is where you will make some AGGRESSIVE LUCK. The potential is there — in part because this Mars will be making benevolent and graceful good aspects to two other planets, two of the big boys, Jupiter and Uranus. It’s a Grand Trine in Fire. I called it a Ring of Fire in my previous post. Whatever you want to call it? It’s GOOD. Be prepared for something electric and exciting to enter your world. Or maybe it will be part of a continuing story and this is the next chapter. I have a good feeling for you. Light a candle on your altar.

Shuffling my cards for you now… and my intention is to discover where your LUCK will be this Mars in Sag season and how to tap in.  And the winner is…


Okay my dears, don’t leave it up to luck at all. Keep working hard for what you want. Luck and hard work together create most fertile garden for you. THE MAGICIAN IS NOT LAZY. That is another low vibration energy of Sagittarius. Lazy. “Leaving the work to others.” Again, not ALL but some, okay? Just like not all Cancers cry a lot. Or all Libra are good-looking 😉

So I think this is really interesting. Not leaving anything up to fate AND YET WE TRUST.  “As above so below” is what we are shown in the Magician card (Rider Waite version). One hand pointing up towards the sky:  that’s his faith and trust. He’s not alone on his quest. And another hand pointing down towards the earth. See, he is pulling the magic DOWN to earth. But it just doesn’t stop there. He creates a circuit. He believes in magic. He makes magic. So very very Sag.

Also interesting to me is that this card is associated with Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) which is the opposite of Sagittarius (and its ruler Jupiter). Mercury is the here and now and Jupiter is the FUTURE. 

The instructions are all there, my friend:  how you achieve your Grand Trine in Fire electric bon bon is by combining these two approaches: keep your mind and hands  in THIS MOMENT doing what needs to be done, but forget not thy VISION and Bigger Picture.

You ARE going somewhere, aren’t you? Mars in Sagittarius and the Magician will help.

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