"new moon in libra" We were talking about NUMBERS today in the Tarot class. During the first week I had asked folks to list cards that vexed them and everyone, I think, listed a Major Arcana. Even the Star got a mention. I get it. Sometimes the happy dappy do cards can vex us. The World used to do that to me.

And today a gal brought up the Seven of Pentacles — which then led to a hearty discussion of the Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten of Wands. How painful these cards are (to me, overall). I brought up the Six of Wands. A card of success! Which is then followed by the Seven — Crowley called it “valor” — and yet it depicts a man fighting. He is FEELING fought. Sure he’s strong but EVERYONE IS AGAINST HIM!

And then the Eight: news travels fast. You obviously won the battle of the Seven. But then comes the Nine, the Wounded Warrior. He’s weary but he lives to fight another day. Sigh.

Then comes Ten, the finish line. Almost there. Almost, almost, almost, almost. Burdens burdens burdens.

The same gal brought up a point from Rachel Pollack then — how we have to leave the Coleman images behind  at times because half the Wands suit, the FIRE suit, cannot only, merely, be oppression and exhaustion.

I said: I wish there were an 11 of Wands — so we can see him putting down his burden. Sitting down by the fire. Roast a marshmallow or two. And yes it does alternate. The Six and Eight are far more chipper than the Seven, Nine, and Ten and yet…

The Seven is mystical and wise. The Eight is regenerative. The Nine is alone. And the Ten is complete. Perfection.

You must rest when you see the Ten of Wands. You must rest. Lay your heavy burden down. See, whatever the burden is… I feel its totality with this card, the Ten, but that you are adding to it. You are adding to the burden in some way, physically or metaphysically. And that is what you must release. Like a bird in a cage. Open up the cage. Let the bird go. The bird wants to go.

If you have no clue how this could possibly help, how an image or visualization could possibly help you? Do it anyway. When you see this card, when you see the dark cards or the cards that vex you, and you don’t know what to do… stop for a moment and then let the bird go.

Wishing you good cards xx

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