"full moon in sagittarius" Full Moons bring us news, messages, messengers, revelation, moments of stark emotionally intensity.

Contrast this with the more quiet, reflective New Moon energy. We hope. We set intentions. Well, I also like to set Full Moon intentions. Close that door, baby cakes. Shut it, slam it, lock it, bolt it shut! Releasing is a common Full Moon keyword. Let it go. Say buh bye to that person, place, or thing. You got this.

On a side note, but related, I wanted to share something that I was talking about on my Facebook page today, that I believe in time travel. Let me explain. I believe it is possible (through intention, through meditation) to go back in time, to return to the land of painful memories, to go back to the scene of the crime, so to speak, and lend a hand, to the person you were then, who felt so helpless and afraid. Put your very own hand on your shoulder. Get right in there. Comfort.

In astrology, Sagittarius is associated with long distance travel and travelers, horses, being on the move, spying the latest horizon, setting off for another great adventure. A Full Moon in Sagittarius = the telegram finally arrives. The ship reaches the shore. We deplane. We STOP for a brief moment and understand (before the cycle begins again with the next New Moon).

And I thought to myself: Self? How many cards to pull for this Full Moon for the folks at home? Sagittarius is “larger than life” so would a crowd of cards be appropriate? And then I thought nah… Sagittarius likes to have the last word 😉 so let’s just draw One Card.

Ace of Cups! How lovely!

An Ace is a start. You have a choice when you see an Ace. Potential, seed, kernel, source, cradle, rootlet, core, beginning.

Cups represent feelings, psychic stuff, imagination, creativity. Relationships too. Element of water. And the Ace of Cups to me isn’t just a beginning, but possibly another chance (those water-droplet upside-down yuds remind me of the lightning droplets from the Tower card). Again this image of the helping hand. You can take this Ace of Cups and bring it back to your Tower moment. Make sense?

The least you need to know: one door closes and other one opens on a Full Moon. With the Ace of Cups showing up here, YOU get to choose which door.

Dear Readers, will you draw cards for the Full Moon in Sagittarius? 

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