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"full moon in sagittarius" That she kept seeing the Death card.

Before this blog went live, I had to approve the In the Cards header that you see above, the logo and Tarot images. In the first version, the Death card was present. It was a superb image of a naked skeleton, beautiful and stark, but I worried about it being too edgy. I asked for a change. Now I’m not sure if I was right or wrong. I didn’t want to be the difficult new employee. A picture of the Magician card is in its place now and my point is this: sometimes we see the Death card. This gal was seeing it a lot.

This is one of the dangers of reading Tarot for yourself. Sometimes scary cards come up and you don’t know what they mean, how to interpret them, anxiety-free. Any Tarot reader though will be quick to tell you that Death usually means things are changing. A slow grinding process. Inevitable.

Like life.

So we were near the end of a fairly lengthy Tarot session and I pulled three more cards for the relationship:

Death, Three of Swords, Wheel of Fortune.


Three of Swords, the middle card: what was most pressing. Heartache. Death on the left, reflecting how she was feeling: dying inside. Finally, uncertainty of what could possibly grow in its place: the Wheel of Fortune on the right. Pain and change. Painful change. Changing pain. Wheel of Fortune: we don’t know where it will land BUT IT IS MOVING, which reminds me: Full Moon in Sagittarius this week.  Sagittarius is “ruled” by Jupiter and Jupiter is associated with the Wheel of Fortune card. Spin the Big Wheel.

I’m happy to tell you that this story has a happy ending. The Death card for them did not portend a break-up but an arduous, ultimately fruitful passage. They are still together. Happy. Happier.

So, my dear reader, when the Death card comes to find you, please keep this in mind, in the words of Bob Dylan:  death is not the end.


P.S. What’s your least favorite Tarot card and why? Also, we shall explore the Death card more in future posts… 

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