Pilots Jerry Stevens and Keith Poeschl teamed up together to bring Christian and inspirational messages to the skies of Florida.

The duo teamed up together to deliver their messages in bright-yellow crop dusters rightly named “Holy Smoke”. Messages say things like “Trust Jesus” and “God Forgives”.

Stevens, a 68-year-old retired aviator, said “These are God’s love letters to His children.” Stevens has been writing messages in the sky for over 12 years, first starting in Boca Raton.

During that time, Stevens took Poeschl, 33, under his wing. He taught the novice pilot how to sky write too, until he purchased a second plane to continue the mission. One is stationed Fort Lauderdale and the other is in Orlando. They frequently spread their messages over the city of Miami and Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom.

The messages are written in the sky at 10,000 feet and can be seen from 35 miles a way on a clear, sunny day. Both pilots stay out of the limelight, though, so that God gets all the attention.

“This isn’t about us,” says Stevens. “God is the one strategically putting those messages there… we’re nothing more than the pen.”

The idea for the project came one day while Stevens was praying. “I prayed and asked God to use me how he would like,” said Stevens. “They’ve eradicated God’s word from public places, taken Him out of the schools, but He puts his name back out there in biblical proportions.”

He wrote his first “U + God = Happy Face” on Thanksgiving Day 1998.

“What I’m doing now is participating on a mission to save souls,” Poeschl echoed. “God answered all my prayers.”

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