On Saturday, November 7th, 2020, it was announced for the first time in the history of the country, that a woman would take on the role as vice president of the United States. That woman is Kamala Harris.

Not only is Kamala Harris the first woman to be elected as vice president, she is a Black and South-Asian woman, a wife, a momala, an auntie, and an HBCU graduate who has made it clear she more than ready to take on her newly elected role.

The former prosecutor made her first appearance as vice president elect in Wilmington, Delaware, where she made her first vice-presidential address.

“And to the American people who make up our beautiful country. Thank you for turning out in record numbers to make your voices heard,” Harris said. And I know times have been challenging, especially the last several months. The grief, sorrow and pain. The worries, and the struggles. But we’ve also witnessed your courage, your resilience, and the generosity of your spirit.

The election of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden as vice president and president was monumental for 2020, and a sign that hope is very much still alive.

“Joe is a healer. A uniter. A tested and steady hand,” Kamala continued. “A person whose own experience of loss gives him a sense of purpose that will help us as a nation reclaim our own sense of purpose and a man with a big heart, who loves with abandon.”

Kamala’s election as vice president has broken barriers for women in the United States and given the world enough confirmation that a woman is more than capable of being a national leader.

Kamala and Biden both made it clear in their speeches that the only way the country would move forward is by doing it together hand-in-hand.

“Because now is when the real work begins, the hard work, the necessary work, the good work, the essential work to save lives and beat this epidemic. To rebuild our economy, so it works for working people. To root out systemic racism in our justice system and society..”

Check out Kamala’s vice presidential address below.

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