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As Father’s Day approaches, I’m reflecting on the inspiration that my own father has given me over the years. I’m lucky enough to have a great dad. He was there. He loved us. He loved Mom. He provided for his family and made us laugh.

Now, Mom is the person we went to with our troubles. If I fell down and scraped my knee, it was more natural to get a hug from Mom. My dad, as great as he is, has never been one for sympathy. However, he’s great at giving this one singular piece of advice:

This too shall pass.

I remember many times growing up when that would be his answer for everything. And I didn’t get it then. I thought he was being nonchalant about my troubles. Of course, now I see there is tremendous wisdom in those four little words.

Misery can be all consuming. When tragedy strikes, the subsequent depression surrounds you until it’s all you can see, breathe and feel. It can be tough to see a way out of it. It wasn’t until I had a few life events knock me down that I realized how powerful it was to know that this too shall pass. Every rough patch, broken heart or bout of the blues will eventually go away. Time moves on and drags you along with it. Nothing lasts forever.

Also, its brilliance is that it also swings the other way. When we encounter those moments of joy, it’s important to remember that they too will pass. So be grateful for the good times, because one day they’ll be gone.

This too shall pass… ancient words of wisdom that still ring true today. Thanks, Dad. It wasn’t the only piece of advice you gave us, but it was the one that counts the most.

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