Tips to Keep the Faith During Hard Times


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Coping with Hard Times

By Tri Robinson

When we fall on hard times in our lives, oftentimes our instinct for survival overrides everything. Our relationships, our jobs, our faith—no area of our lives is spared from the panic we feel when life begins going south.

But is that the right approach to take when crisis hits our lives? Is abandoning ship and flailing toward shore the right way to navigate through stormy seas? And what about our faith? Is God still God in the bad times just like He is in the good times?

The truth of the matter is hard times are exactly that—hard. But how we approach those periods in our lives determines whether we’ll just survive, thrive or sink altogether.

Tri Robinson is an author and senior pastor of the Vineyard Boise Church in Boise, ID. He has written three books, including Small Footprint, Big Handprint: How to live simply and love extravagantly, and blogs regularly about his adventures in sustainable living.

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