Fathers Day
Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Father's Day
Father's Day eCard
Honor the men in your life with inspiring Father's Day quotes that celebrate special dads and father figures.

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What I Love About My Dad
Grandfather, father, grandson
To help us celebrate this Father’s Day, Beliefnet has asked our readers to share what they love most about their dads.

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Great TV and Movie Fathers
Little House on the Prairie
How well do you know inspiring fictional dads from the big and small screen? Take our trivia quiz and find out.

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Fathers Know Best: Best Advice from Fathers
father daughter tips
Read about advice others have been given from their fathers.

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Top 15 Fathers on Film
Here are 15 memorable movie dads who help us better understand our own fathers and inspire us to be better parents ourselves.

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8 Things A Girl Needs From Her Father
be a better dad, parenting tips,
Solid parenting tips for dads on how to treat their little princesses! Visit Beliefnet for more parenting tips!

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Ten Things Every Dad Should Tell His Son
In honor of Independence Day, view a collection of art depicting important historical moments of religious freedom in America.

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Our Dad's have done so much for us. As a special Father's Day tribute, we asked "How has your father inspired you?" See the wonderful heartwarming and humorous responses.

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