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Mothers are great, but there’s something uniquely special about a good father. If you have one or had one, you know what I’m talking about. Here’s the man who loved and hugged even if it wasn’t second nature to him. He led without fear (or if he was scared, he never let it show). He rejoiced in our triumphs and encouraged us to toughen up when we failed. Dads are amazing.

I’ve already gushed about my father in yesterday’s blog, but it bears repeating. My dad is my hero. He gave himself to his family and never asked for anything in return. He still doesn’t know how to hold a baby, but he was affectionate and loved us unconditionally. If I’m even remotely humorous, I have him to thank. Being goofy for laughs was Dad’s gift to his children.

So, go on and brag about your dad. Post a comment below and tell us about your father. What did he teach you? How did he inspire you? What did he give to you that helped you grow?

Let us know. I’ll be reposting the best entries in Friday’s blog.

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