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Once we made it into the theater we were shown to our various seats. Here is what I found on my seat and all seats! A bottle of water and popcorn in a Narnia box that tasted kind of sweet.

Everyone was also given 3-D glasses as they walked in.

IMG_2222.JPGThe series of events went something like this:

-While people were getting seated red carpet interviews were still underway. The house interviews, conducted by a terrific presenter whose name I do not have yet, were lovely and fairly standard. But wow, that gal was out there for hours and interviewed dozens of people. What stamina!

– Director Michael Apted was introduced and he highlighted that this is not only a Royal Premiere but also the World Premiere of the movie. Then  heintroduced and invited down the cast as well as producer, Douglas Gresham, step-son of C.S. Lewis. They all came walking down the aisle, sort of like the bridal party being introduced at a wedding. Then the director says, “Follow me.” They go through a door. Never noticed them again although they could have snuck back in.

– Songs from the movie are sung life outside, and shown on the screen. Also a video abouit the charity represented at the royal premieres.

– People were snapping photos like crazy–and it was allowed.

– The announcer says it would not be a royal premiere without the Queen, and introduced her arrival. Her Majesty’s black car pulls up right to the front of the theater, moments before the show, She steps out with a beautiful smile and graciously walks with the presenter to the entrance. Her husband follows.

– We see a bunch of security guys come in. They are checking seats and stationed in the front of the theater (and all over, it seems) with special glasses that can see in the dark. You never see where the Queen is seated–and no one points it out, applauds or makes a big deal about it. She slips into the theater and sits with the common folk, apparently. One reporter told me she always comes just before the premiere when everyone is seated and she then takes a seat, sometime in an aisle with others.

– I so wanted to see her with her 3-D glasses on but no luck. However, watching all these dressed up people in black tie and three-d glasses was so much fun!

– I have seen many photos of her greeting the cast of movies that she attends but not sure how or went that might have happened tonight.

The biggest question: So How Was the Movie? Well, media has been asked not to review it or reveal too much before the opening day, December 10, but I can tell you: I LOVED IT!

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