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June 15, 2010 is “Power of a Smile Day” and a great time to bring some smiles to your face and the face of others.

clowns.jpgWho doesn’t love to smile? Something about smiling makes it impossible to be depressed or sad. The moment you move the muscles of your lips and side of your face to brings a big grin to your face, depression is gone and happiness feels real.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Power of a Smile Day.

1. Wake up with a smile on your lips.

2. Go to bed with a smile on your lips.

3. Smile all day, any time you think of it, and just because.

4. Make other people smile.

5. Bring a smile to those who don’t often have something to smile about by reaching out as a volunteer, or simply as an emissary of smiles and laughter.

6. Put your troubles aside for one day and decide to be a happy as you can be.

7. Refrain from speaking things that take your smile away-such as saying bad things about others or discussing negative news.

8. Do stuff that makes you smile.

9. Let Power of a Smile make you feel better inside so you are inspired to offer acts of kindness and generosity.

10. Refrain from complaining–instead, smile.

Read more about Smiles and Laughter on

10 Ways to Cheer Up Fast: LOL. Laughing out loud is a natural remedy for stress. Studies show that when we laugh, physiologically, it is impossible to be depressed or sad. Make sure you smile, chuckle and laugh as often as possible. These 9 tips will show you how.

When Life is No Joke, Laugh Anyway: God made laughter to show us things are rarely as bad as they seem.

Laugh a Little-Today from Norris: Treat yourself to a little laugh.

Quote from Anne LaMott: Bring people hope and laughter.

If for some reason you miss Power of a Smile Day 2010, World Smile Day will come around on October 7, 2010, to celebrate the yellow smiley face and encourage people toward random actions of kindness.

Clown photo courtesy of Kelly Wilken White.

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