10 Ways to Cheer Up Fast


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By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Feeling cranky or sad? There is one thing that can snap you out of it in a nanosecond: Laughter. You can do it with anyone safely, and it’s mess free, drug free and it doesn’t require money.

A good laugh alleviates tension and makes you feel good all over. We can help heal ourselves – and our friends and family – with humor and laughter.

No matter how bad things get, or how awful they may seem, your world can change with the simple move of your facial muscles – a slight twitch of your lips that starts as a smile and grows into a big, loud, hilarious laugh.

Even if you are not in the mood to laugh, the act of laughing will make you laugh. Ready to reclaim your smile? Here are some simple ways to bring laughter to everyday life.

Read the first tip for a fast fix of fun and laughter.

Excerpted from The Goddess Pages: A Divine Guide to Finding Love and Happiness (Llwellyn Books, 2008). Laurie Sue Brockway, all rights reserved.

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Can you laugh when things go wrong?
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