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Daily Positive Thought

Depression Help A belief is only a thought you rehearsed enough times that it becomes a “belief”. Beliefs become incorporated into our beings over time. New...

#OneWord Thursday: 9 Quotes - Fear Builds Walls Instead of #Bridges

Our Lady of Weight Loss Quirky Wisdom Melts Fat - Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Weight Loss Expert ... Come Fly With Me! Continuing with yesterday’s thoughts on...

(Audio) Proof That Pain is Impersonal

Letting Go When we feel pain, we tend to take it personally and feel like we are the only ones in the world who are suffering. That seems like the natural thing...

Longing for Success

Commonsense Christianity If you want people to read an article you write, or watch a video you post, just make sure that the title has the word, "Success" in it. (I know. I...


When the Game Stands Tall Islamic Pooh Words of Wisdom
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