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Wedding Wonders

The Bliss Blog One of my greatest joys in my role as an interfaith minister, is officiating at weddings. Although I have lost count, I estimate that I have married...

Under the brawny personality

Everyday Spirituality We have a guy who lives down the road. He's all brawn, not a speck of fat on him. Tattoos. He can talk a mean talk too. Not a guy you want to mess...

The ‘Doctor (Ken)’ is Way Out

Peanuts and Popcorn Tisha Campbell Martin, Jonathan Slavin , Kate Simses and Ken Jeong in Dr. Ken. (ABC) I will never understand why some people consider actor Ken...

3 Steps to Transforming Your Story

Awaken Your Truth We all have a story. Do you know what yours is? What are you choosing to do with it?  As long as we are human living on this earth, we will all...


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