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3 Reasons America Does Not Need -- or Want -- Prayer in Schools

Commonsense Christianity Prayer takes place within the heart, and whether we are in the midst of a forest or a classroom, we can do it -- without yet another government...

The Criterion: reading the Qur'an is the foundation of ibadat in Ramadan

City of Brass Surah Ar-Ra'd, verse 28: Verily in the remembrance of Allah does the heart find consolation Ramadan is one-third over. Unlike past years, I've not...

The Iceberg Metaphor: How Deep Does Your Fat Go?

Our Lady of Weight Loss How Deep Does Your Fat Go? ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Weight Loss Success Expert, Positarian, Author, Artist The Iceberg Metaphor is a...

Health Worries? The Internet a Blessings and a Curse!

Dr. Mintle thumb So I am reading the morning paper, enjoying my coffee, when I come across a small article tucked in the health and wellness section of the Wall...
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