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What Isn't Discussed in Violent Shootings

Dr. Mintle thumb Like most of you, I was shaken by the horrific events of this past week: the senseless shooting of two TV journalists happened in my backyard. Those...

The Day Of Chiron

Oh My Stars Every day, intentionally or unintentionally, people all over the world inflict pain on themselves or others, often either with the best of...

Making use of the August 2015 supermoon

A Reason to Smile Starting on Saturday, August 29th we’ll be experiencing one of the six major ‘supermoons’ of the year, a time when the moon is especially close to...

Return to the Truth of Your Brilliance

Awaken Your Truth I always say that getting to know our truth is the most powerful gift that we can give to ourselves. It frees us from the chains of having to live...


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