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An Inspiration Guide to Weight Loss

Everyday Inspiration “Eating crappy food isn't a reward -- it's a punishment.” - Drew Carey I’m not a doctor, fitness expert or weight loss expert. I’m just a...

letting go, or, what teaching teaches

Beginners Heart via google You know that old joke about giving a party and nobody comes? Well, for presenters, it's a truism. I've given workshops w/ only one...

The Man I Want to Be

Healing and Transformation This is an ode to the good man, the brave man, the man we all want to be, the man we want in our lives. These are the men I look up to with...

TLC Tuesday: Look for Light

Good Days Bad Days Image courtesy of bigjom/ "One more doctor visit" bringing you down? Last week, I had two doc visits in one day, both of...


Peace summit Stewardship advice, left keys to a successful life
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We are made in God's image, so how should this impact the way we steward the resources entrusted to us? read more »
Despite the grim forecast of being left behind, those who are left should find comfort in the power of tomorrow and the hope of forging forward. read more »
Life is filled with many unexpected adventures. Beliefnet contributor Sharon Taphorn encourages you to embark on a new aspect of your journey with these keys to a sucessful life. read more »