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The Selfish Catepillar and The College Butterfly

Sassy Spirit Oh...yes, I'm the selfish caterpillar. Teens and their parents fight. Yes, of course, but as much as that happens, I can't imagine ever wanting them...

What You Say To Your Kids~ Did You Mean It?

Parenting on Purpose Bigstock Photos We are all human. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean. Or, you say things because you’re reacting rather than thinking. Maybe...

Gender fluidity and spirituality

Everyday Spirituality In our sex obsessed world, the propaganda of twirling human gender and identity can’t help but alter language, views, laws, and religious...

Inspiring Photos For Friday

Depression Help When you're feeling anxious or stressed a nice photo can help lift your spirit or soften your day. So with that intention, I'm giving you 4 beautiful...


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