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What You Say To Your Kids~ Did You Mean It?

Parenting on Purpose Bigstock Photos We are all human. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean. Or, you say things because you’re reacting rather than thinking. Maybe...

A Praying Spirit: Do you forget, sometimes?

Good Days Bad Days Image courtesy of Tina Phillips/ I was looking forward to the day ahead. The sun was shining, my usual aches and pains were at...

Pay Attention To Papayas

Health on Lifes Journey Tropical fruit papaya is not only sweet to taste, it also brings many health benefits. It is definitely a fruit worth knowing, especially if you...

Loving Your Body, Imperfections and All!

Dr. Mintle thumb Is it so difficult to accept the bodies we’ve been given, to celebrate them as uniquely designed by God and created in His image?...


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