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When God Gives the Tough Tests

Letting Go Question: I have been a Christian almost all my life. A few years ago I had to have open-heart surgery, which caused a stroke, messing up my ability...

10 Truths to Keep Telling Yourself

Everyday Inspiration “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Buddha Every single day you are confronted with negative things that...

March Is Self Injury Awareness In the United States

Depression Help Warning: this article may contain emotional triggers. March is Self Injury Awareness month in the United States. Self injury, sometimes called...

"House of Cards" Shows The Quest For Absolute Power...

Common Word Common Lord In the Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord The third season of the smash Netflix hit "House of Cards" comes out on...


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