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Say Yes!

Have a Magnificent Day When you say yes to the moment you go with the flow and accept the way life is. You tap into the power of the moment. Feel how good it feels to say...

4 Steps to Creating Inner Peace

Healing and Transformation How to transform negativity into love? A 40-day Sādhanā is sure to set anyone on a new course. Sādhanā is a Sanskrit word denoting “a practice...

Ugh...that mom again.

Sassy Spirit "That" mom is different for everyone. Some people dread seeing that mom that is perfect.  Some may not want to that mom who seems angry and on edge....

The First Points of Light Award

Simple Life Childlike Faith When President George H. W. Bush gave the first Points of Lights Award, it went to a NASA employee named Frank S. Howard who was a volunteer for The...
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