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Inside Out Movie Review

The Bliss Blog Anticipation grew as I sat in a darkened movie theater with my friend Yvonne Kaye, waiting for the film to begin. Ever since I saw the trailer a few...

Ramadan Pearls 01 - criterion

City of Brass Qur'an 2:185 It was the month of Ramadan in which the Qur'an was first bestowed from on High as a guidance unto Man and a self-evident proof of...

How To Deal With Depression and Sleep

Depression Help Depression and sleep problems are linked. We've all had sleepless nights. But depression and sleep problems are linked. In 2011, it was estimated...

Making Tough Decisions

Your Morning Cup of Inspiration This week has been Tough Decision Week at my house.  Our elderly dog suddenly has taken a turn for the worse.  Her organs are shutting down, and she...


insomina Pooh Apologize for Afterlife
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Since there are several religions sometimes it can be confusing as to which faith believes what. Here are the top five major religions and what they think about the afterlife. read more »