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A Feast of Love

East Meets West I saw a movie recently entitled “Feast of Love.” It was a very profound movie.  At first glance one might say it was depressing. An older  couple...

To Change Your Life, Choose Love!

The Heart Guide The quality of our life rests primarily on the decisions we make. The way that we make decisions is based on our mindset, our understanding of...

Food for Thought: What You Hear in Silence

Good Days Bad Days We can learn much, when we cultivate silence. It might seem counter-intuitive; our learning usually takes the form of words or pictures or sounds,...

Mindful in Relationship: The Biggest Spiritual...

Mindfulness Matters Our closest relationships are often the most challenging places to be mindful. We may be prone to feelings of unworthiness, superiority, and fear as...


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Before you beat yourself up, remember that you are not stuck with your bad choices forever. Here are a few ways to overcome a bad choice. read more »
Cabbage is one of those veggies that everybody knows … and nobody really appreciates. But it may be one of the best health foods ever. Here are 10 reasons why you need to start eating... read more »