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Connect with your Spiritual Confidence

Angel Guidance with Sharon Taphorn Believe in Yourself! You have been receiving guidance and signs from your angels as the answers to your prayers for something new and so your...

Obama quoted my letter about my daughter

City of Brass This is a guest post by Ali Asghar Alibhai. There is no question that the America my generation grew up in is much different than the America of...

Personal Motivation Helps With Depression

Depression Help by Terezia Farkas Personal Motivation What's personal motivation? Personal motivation is what drives you internally and externally to succeed...

10 Ways to Love Your Dog More This Valentine's Day

How Great Thou Part Dogs! How can everyone not love them?! They define love. So throw them an extra bone this Valentine's Day! Here are 10 Ways to Love Your Dog More!...


Love Book What Being Christian is not Flu Quotes from Jewish Leaders
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Christianity is about having a close, intimate relationship with God made possible by the price that Jesus Christ paid. Here are some things that we need to be careful not to reduce... read more »
With the height of the flu season amongst us, there are several ways we can all stay flu-free and preventatives that we can put in place to avoid getting sick. read more »
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