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FaceBook memes and gratitude

Beginners Heart via google Right now on FB, my youngest sister has tagged the three of us other sisters to do the 'gratitude challenge.' In which for five days,...

Are We Being Bullied to Think a Certain Way?

Commonsense Christianity Think of the term, Judeo-Christian values. We bandy it about, especially we Christians, and the idea is that, because Jews and Christians share a...

Teacher Tells Student What Words She Cannot Say!

Dr. Mintle thumb Some things defy common is one of them. Be ready to be outraged! Maybe you heard the story last week. High school senior Kendra Turner...

The Priest That Raised Me

How Great Thou Part My uncle and meMy large family is competing for air space around the dining table. I am comfortable here. Actually I am happy here. I glance at my...


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