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5 Tips for Practicing Hope

Fellowship of Saints and Sinners (Credit: Savage Chickens) Is it really the start of a new week again? Here's a piece that I wrote for those in addiction recovery about the...

The Yin and Yang of Marriage, Divorce and Life

How Great Thou Part The table chatter is rampant. Waiters and waitresses rush through the packed crowd. The wine glasses fiddle from hand to hand in between the noshing...

TLC Tuesday: Feeling De-feet?

Good Days Bad Days Image courtesy of ArvindBalaraman/ Ah, the bliss of putting my feet up! Throughout the day, our feet take a beating. And if...

The New Age Of Mankind

Depression Help It’s official! We’ve entered a new age of evolution. Called the Anthropocene Epoch by scientists to reflect humanity’s deep impact on our planet,...


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