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Love between people – is there a twin flame and a soulmate?

What are the differences between a soul mate and a twin flame?

These are common questions and frequently misunderstood. Worse still I’ve heard of people changing their behaviour in order to seek out one or the other, or convince themselves that somebody they know is one or the other. I once had a friend I studied with who became convinced I was her twin flame, even though we weren’t in a relationship, and I didn’t feel the same way about her.

I am concerned at the amount of speculation that goes on and the consequences of it. People are suffering for their theories or what other people are telling them.

Please be careful, if you are reading this. Nobody’s opinion of your love status or lack thereof should replace qualified professional advice.

Some fundamental understandings are important in a discussion about love:

Everyone has a soul.

In Buddhist theology, we understand that reincarnation is inevitable unless and until our soul achieves a very high level of insight and wisdom. When people talk about soulmates or twinflames, usually they are confused. These concepts are not based on empirical evidence. They are based on sentimentality.

This said (and warnings reiterated) – there are souls we are closer to. And those souls one could consider one’s soulmates. In fact a mate is a friend. On a soul level, we group into souls. Like a soul family. Members of this family may choose to incarnate together for the purposes of soul growth. Also a discarnate entity like a spirit guide may choose to incarnate close to us in order to help us along our soul progression.
Usually one may incarnate with souls that are familiar due to working out karma from previous incarnations. These are not what is meant by soulmates – in a romantic sense – these are souls that we choose to work with.

On another higher level – every soul and all beings are our mates. A soul is our spiritual link to eternity, Oneness (Creator God). Even the worst person still has something sacred within them. That is the part of them that wishes to do acts of God, to embody the holy spirit in human form. Even the cruellest person is capable of kindness.

Every soul can be incarnated in animal (or even non-animal form), even a rock contains consciousness and a soul could choose to navigate within that sphere. This is why the Buddha taught a very important principle of kindness to all living beings. Even animals. We should also be kind to discarnate beings as they may have lived previously or will live in the future in another body.

Romantic fantasies aside, all relationships require hard work. At a soul level, there are no accidents in real connections and shared lives, yet free will choice remains a constant and of paramount importance. One can always create a new connection and forge a new soulmate relationship.

Romantic illusions of love to the moon (with singing nightingales) is unrealistic. Every soul (by nature of being incarnated) has work to do. A real love relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and results in real growth.

With love,


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Who are you?

Who am I?

We are ONE. We are not separate.

That other person is you.

The myriad forms around you are a multi-dimensional mirror. In other words, every thing you see, every person you meet – is really you. The illusion is complete because we are programmed to completely believe in separation. We believe that each other person is a separate individual instead of merely another “self” – although we are part of the whole.

The whole system is actually GOD. Intense ONENESS.

Love for all.

We have many streams of consciousness around us to contend with. I know, personally, as David Starlyte, it is not easy to differentiate, to understand, to always see the bigger picture and embrace the illusion for what it is. I may at times (maybe often) tune into a fear-based frequency from here in the three-dimensional world. I am not always ready to embrace unconditional acceptance and love in these moments. It takes a leap of faith to transmute the heaviness of the natural 3-D mask, and enter into the impermanence and deep peace of the 5-D world. Love is the greatest barometer. The inter-dimensional time-traveller knows he must embrace his heart to enter into other timelines and other worlds.

I am coming to understand that each moment is ‘perfection’ – however strange and mystical that may seem. It definitely seems impractical and otherworldly to assume or contend perfection of all things. Yet it is all based on the “seeing” – perception is all. Even a murderer may be taking his free will steps to meet his Creator in his own way. it seems strange to contend that his actions are perfection. Time is an illusion, the all-forever is all now, all completion, all the “Oneness” that this writing is entitled.

At times I am like the brother of Christ. In truth, Christ Consciousness is for all. It is based on unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. We all can meet and embrace the Christ consciousness.

Who needs our love?

All things. All people.

The most lost and disconnected people need our greatest love.

Accept the strange ones into your heart.

We are all SOURCE.

We all are made in Heaven.

Love all that is.

And play with these beautiful illusions. They are all perfection.
Be kind to your brothers and sisters and to all beings (animals, plants, etc.)

Live from the heart and live fully in this short-lived appearance of what is real. Oscar Wilde wrote these enchanting words, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Live inside this bubble of your making. Truly live.

With love and compassion,


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We are all lights having an experience of being in the dark.

Duality is merely a three-dimensional expression of what lies beyond. The biblical creation story talks about the void and the gases bubbling up to form matter, which eventually differentiated in a progression .

This material world exhibits a polarity on the surface. A manifestation of yin and yang opposites misdirects the observer so that the underlying order and oneness can be easily overlooked.

The over-arching theme of the 20th century has been rapid development and ongoing war, a battle between good and evil. The 21st century has begun with complexity and environmental degradation being at the forefront. Many of our idols have been devastated by the revealing of what lies beneath their fame and fortune. Empty egoes are falling fast. 

Anything that is not from love is in the dark.

As we shift from third-dimensional beings into fourth and fifth dimensional beings, our focus changes to love. This love is universal – the love for all things, the love for all conditions, the love for all beings, including every human being you’ve ever met.

Do you recognise each other – do you see the light in another’s eyes? Do you remember the light in your own?

The fear is simply forgetting who we are.

Let the sun rise –

you are the sun rising.

The poet Ian Woo writes something elegant – “Before I give an answer, I see a flower.”

To taste such sweetness in life is indeed an elevational goal. An experience of flowering. This flowering is becoming the embodiment of love in action. It’s a movement – as all emotion is energy in motion. It is not static or still or “cold.” Love is alive.

It is not just about the experience of love – it is also about feeling the existential joy of being alive. 

When we change, reality changes, or as others have written, when we change the way we see so-called “reality,” it morphs. The mere changing of our perception is enough to evolve the morphogenic field. 

Scientists studied a way to understand the physical universe – yet our next destination is to understand the energetic universe. This will help to explain the many anomalies caused by seeing reality as reductionist and trying to break it down into little building blocks. 

This viewpoint has helped to keep us limited and contained within these little building blocks of reality. It has kept us controllable. 

Metaphysical reality is based on an infinite, unlimited and abundant intelligence not bound by physical laws. It is this perception that will help us gain ground and meet the limitless field beyond our current view. First, we need to break free of “authority” and “authoritarian views” that keep us narrow and constrained. By all means, if something is repeatedly proven, accept it. This is not to promote denial of universal laws and mutual respect. It is merely to promote investigation and insight. Einstein warned of the dangers of following blindly when he said, “unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Instead of seeing ourselves as disconnected, how about we first see ourselves as connected and then go from there.

Who are you to share your light? Perhaps you should rather ask yourself, Who are you not to share your light?

With love and compassion,


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silhouette-man-jumping-beach-883937-printWe have come so far – and yet there is more to do – further to go. We must move onward and build strong trust and faith that we are supported in this grand spiritual journey. We are not – nor never were alone. We are not islands in the sea – we are all reflective of each other – reflecting the collective consciousness and part of the Divine (holy spirit). This has always been the way – seemingly separate from God – yet part of the web or matrix of energy that is our Source.

What this grand human experiment is about, is choice. Free will choice. Our experiences are not accidental. They come with purpose – they are made by our free will choices and our mental field. This field around us is both intelligent and purposeful. We are not victims of it – as we create it. Yet we are unaware of our power. So it is like we can see everything if we open our eyes – yet we believe we are blind of even worse, blindfolded.

This is not so.

We are architects of our life and lifetimes. The ascension process towards finer spirituality on this planet comes with awareness of who we are and our actual power. Feeling victims, and buying into the distorted media/ entertainment industry’s version of events – in which we are painted as the victims – and the themes are fear-based – we are separated from our cosmic vision and potential to “awaken” to whom we are.

The illusion of blindness is no excuse for behaving like spoiled children. Wanting something yet failing to take the necessary steps in hard-work and discipline to get there. This is often the fault of egotistical new age teachers who whilst often inspiring – also create a version of events – where as long as you keep paying them money and buying into their vision – you will manifest the same illusory “greatness” they have achieved from you giving them rent. So you are essentially renting a version of a person who shows you who you are.

That is not you.

You are unique.

Your blueprint is yours alone. The moment you follow others, you have in some way denied yourself. Expending energy on other people’s dreams, you remove yourself from your own dream.

Be yourself.

What new dreams will you create and aspire to produce in 2019? I wish for you a great and worthy journey. May you be enlightened.

With love and compassion,

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