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With the division and political fervour, relentless divisiveness from media channels, it’s become more and more important to respect other viewpoints, and genuinely listen to people with an open heart.

It is important to wake up from the mass consciousness where fear and anger reside, so that we may use this revolutionary energy for our positive evolution and awakening.

Definitely the energy may seem chaotic right now. Despite what is happening in 3-D consciousness, remember this – you are an infinite soul that is linked to something much greater, the Divine, the Creator of the whole universe. You are that powerful.

The molecule of water connected to the ocean knows it is part of something much greater than the smallness of its molecule properties. So why, human, do you feel disconnected from divine truth?

I understand this predicament. Many people are physically alone right now. And feeling alone.

Human beings are etched from anger, division and pain. The wounds are seared into our hearts, and yet we bravely love and live our lies despite our scars.

Struggles continue. We must stay grounded and also be aware of the energy of our consciousness and in how we are communicating with other people. It is helpful to act from a peaceful space, where there is authentic openness.

If involved in conflict, if you cannot take a deep breath and clear your energy before talking, take a step back. Remove yourself before the conflict happens.

To advance human civilisation, it’s imperative to hold the possibility in our hearts that we may come to a more enlightened perspective individually as well as collectively, where conflicts will no longer arise with such strong emotions and heightened feelings of separation.

How do we cultivate this awareness?

Let’s consider evolving our viewpoints through embracing higher perspectives on human potential and our human capacity for love, forgiveness and community.

Let’s consider that all viewpoints are just ways at looking at something. Imagine 10 people sitting around a desk with a chess board in the centre. Each person at the table has a unique vantage point. If you listen to all 10 descriptions of what they see, each perspective will be slightly different, unique. In fact, every person’s vantage point is different. They physically reside in a different location.

It is the same with other viewpoints, from conversations about abstract topics to political narratives.

Is there a “wrong” and a “right?”

The next time you feel “charged up” or triggered by something you hear, remember this. Every viewpoint is unique. Every viewpoint is valid. Acknowledge that where other people stand, is different to your position.

Most people are acting out of integrity to their position.

Try to respect that uniqueness makes diversity, and diversity makes us stronger.

Imagine if you could turn around your response by using humour, entertainment and joy. Have fun with holding different viewpoints. This will be a gateway to higher experiencing.

In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”

PS. If you are suffering, feel free to reach out. I don’t promise to answer every email, just to do my best within the limits of my time and energy:

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