So much division and polarisation. So much rage. Arguments going in so many directions.

Many points of view. In fact you could think about humanity as a community of points of view – made up of 7 billion + points of view. That is who we are.

No wonder, we find it difficult to agree.

If the values and principles by which we agree to are not spiritual in nature, it leads to this chaos.
Einstein once said: “Problems cannot be solved from the same state of mind that created them.”

What we need are enlightened spiritual perspectives and agreement on common values. It’s our values that are important and in fact, will remove the need for argument. Thich Nhat Hanh said, “We need enlightenment, not just individually but collectively, to save the planet.”

A lot of stuff being said, a lot of opinions. I can get involved with polarity too. Non-duality is seeing above, or seeing from above all the warfare and trauma of the human spirit. I’ve been inside the trauma so I’m not suggesting to bypass it. I suggest taking time too to disconnect from the hubris and rise above it. Ground yourselves in the Earth too.

Especially important is to disconnect from media (fear) and the psychosis that comes from engaging too much in those lower frequencies. We can choose how we navigate through the space consciously and with respect for others, yet we will only inflame the wound if we don’t look deeper within and see all as connected, interconnected and part of the tapestry of oneness which is divine. Then we need no longer fear, nor focus on division, nor see division anymore as unity consciousness will prevail. This is our ascension.

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Inside of us – we are more powerful than we can imagine. We are creators. We may have been taught to be victims and play identity politics or to attach to fear or attach to the idea of our place in the world – yet we have been kept small by the timekeepers and powerbrokers who led us by distortion and fear. Now is the time to rise above. Speak into being who you are. It’s open – there’s a vast presence of Oneness on the other side and in 5-D consciousness, all is immediately manifested.

Let it be… I am that I am – I love you.

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