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Because I believe in the 1st amendment, I believe all ideas and words are up for discussion. That is what free speech (and thought) actually is. I bring this up because a group of midgets have decided they want the …Read More

This is Thanksgiving week and I think it is important that we seek to give thanks not just for the obvious but also for the mundane and overlooked in our lives. Books, for example, are a vanishing item in our …Read More

On Sunday night Nov 27 the GMC channel will exclusively air the movie that was created from my rant about “Christmas vs Halloween” that was sampled on the GoFish song “Christmas with a Capital C.” The movie is called Christmas …Read More

I write this on a Monday, which makes me wonder how many of us actually know the meanings of the days of the week? Monday is an ancient Gallic word Mun-dean where we get the word “mundane”. Monday being the …Read More