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This is Thanksgiving week and I think it is important that we seek to give thanks not just for the obvious but also for the mundane and overlooked in our lives. Books, for example, are a vanishing item in our Internet new world. Ask a kid under 12 what is the latest book he has read and you’ll get an inquisitive stare and a mumbled “books? Oh yeah I read about books on the Internet.”
Books are always there to be read and re-read never losing their information and just patiently waiting to share with anyone that is literate. Funny you should mention books as I happen to have two I have written available in my website store. My first is called “Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot”; kind of an autobiography. The second is called “How to think right” which was named originally in hardback “Live from Middle America..Rants from a Red State Comedian”, available at
But enough about me as this is about thankfulness. Another great thing to be thankful for is DVD’s. What a great holiday tradition to start watching a good family film together right after the feast. Not that any come to mind but since we are on the subject why not pick up a copy of the outstanding pro-life film “Sarah’s Choice” starring Christian singer Rebecca StJames. Coincidently I am a co-star in the film playing Uncle Clay, a middle aged man giving moral clarity to his rambunctious but all too immature nephew that got his girlfriend pregnant and what they are going to do next.
I am going on a vacation with my family and am always thankful for a good DVD that we can watch and listen to along the way, some good music or even a comedy album. Even though mine are available on I don’t listen to them of course as that would be crass and self-indulgent. The fact that some of you would consider buying some of my albums for yourself and as Christmas gifts is totally your right. Just leave me out of it as this column all about thankfulness.
I’m always thankful for God’s provisions like clothing. That is probably why I created my own t-shirts and hats with funny phrases on them to allow for my fans to have the same opportunity I have of not having to go through the winter topless.
Anyway I hope I was able to get you all thinking a little bit about others and how to never neglect giving thanks for the little things in life. Me? I just trust God for my daily bread and am thankful He is always faithful so I don’t have to resort to self serving promotions about all the stuff available on my website at a discount to help your one stop Christmas shopping needs. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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