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Liberals cuss…a lot! Cussing to a liberal doesn’t represent crassness or crudeness. How could it? To be crass and crude means one is kowtowing to a puritanical backward way of seeing culture. Liberals don’t believe in “The” Bible, they believe …Read More

1911- “Boys will be boys”. /2011 “Boys will need Ridlin”. 1911- “A stitch in time saves nine”/2011“ Aren’t a dozen socks a buck 99 at Walmart?” 1911- “ A penny saved is a penny earned” / 2011 “ Good news, …Read More

Traveling today on an airplane next to the infamous crying. Screaming fidgety babies, while annoying, don’t bother me that much. Granted it’s unpleasant, but having had 2 kids myself I have the expertise to educate the baby-less in this little …Read More

Does anyone find it ironic that every Labor Day, every one that labors takes the day off? The point of Labor Day is to honor those that labor to provide goods and services to this great nation. As a Christian …Read More