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Does anyone find it ironic that every Labor Day, every one that labors takes the day off? The point of Labor Day is to honor those that labor to provide goods and services to this great nation. As a Christian I believe that God labored first in creating us and then put us to work to continue where He left off.
This is a very Christian concept and a spiritual truth that my wife, for one, takes very seriously. So far my vacation from labor has included screwing on the new showerhead, making the bed, cleaning up my office and bedroom, taking out the trash and then being at the ready for her next command.
My wife puts the “labor” back into Labor Day. Her classic technique is to start a project on her own and then come to me when she gets stuck..”I can’t make the shower head tight enough” and suddenly it becomes my project.
The upside is she is a great cook and will be making some friends and me fish tacos and her homemade habanera salsa from scratch. The downside is me trying to lay low so as not to be found for another “project” that she has in mind this minute.
I have no problem doing my part but as a guy I need to be forwarned that there will be labor on Labor Day so I can mentally prepare. That warning needs to be days in advance by the way so that I don’t get this crazy notion that I will be laying around on the couch this Labor Day.
I wish all of you a great day off…if your lucky guys.

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