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Well the 4th of July is over and if you are a true American it shouldn’t have passed without somebody getting hurt. The 4th of course reminds us, with the “bombs bursting in air” of the hard fought battles that took place the moment we had the audacity to create a document called the Declaration of Independence.
That piece of paper guaranteed a fight of epic proportions as we dislodged ourselves from Great Britain and became a nation. But that’s what holidays are for; a remembrance of significance past, and a marker left in its wake to remind future generations what happened here today.
The 5th of July on the other hand should signify the cost of those bombs. Somewhere in this nation someone had an eye put out. A tragedy for sure but can be cherished as a reminder of the need to keep “sight” of the cost of freedom and to never take our eye off the prize. Which eye? Whichever one is left.
There should be burns on fingers to remind us of the pain of engaging in conflict so as to never take it lightly, whereas the burns on feet are reminders that when one walks around in sandals, or worse, barefoot around explosives, punks, and sparklers that just went out, you are going to get a free lesson in the value of common sense.
There will be food in mass quantities specifically hamburgers and hot dogs, which ironically both come from Germany to keep us ever diligent in the fact that some countries are great at food, cars and rockets, but when it comes to world dominance you’re a loser. Keep to the sausage please, it is your legacy.
Of course over eating on the 4th is a reminder of the fat of victory and the decadence of the spoils of war if one isn’t careful.
All in all it was a wonderful 4th for me and mine, but I gotta run. I don’t want to miss my appointment for the skin graft.

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