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In the spirit of the Olympics let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed that when humans win an event whether it’s a race or tennis match they thrust their arms in the air? Have you ever wondered why? No?
Me neither.
You know why, because we have a life! The evolutionary behavioral scientists on the other hand apparently don’t. Not having found enough ways to waste taxpayer’s money by government research grants they have commenced a new study of athletes and why they have the habit of raising their arms in victory and deflating their chest in loss.
Anyone out there in the real world ever found something like a gesture worth studying? I guess that only interests those humans that believe all humans are in fact animals. Maybe they’re trying to justify animal behavior so as to feel less sorry for Sea World dolphins that degrade themselves by dancing on their tales and jumping through flaming hoops five shows a day for a sardine.
Anyway they even went so far as to study blind athletes who have never seen this behavior and yet made the same expressions thus “proving” it could be nature over nurture. The theory is that by raising arms in victory you are showing your opponent you are bigger stronger and apparently a bad winner.
“Yeah, in your face ape-man rival, I killed the gazelle, took your woman and now I’M am running the tribe! Now I’ll raise my arms to prove how big and spooky I appear!”
The crackup is the defeated pose gesture is to show your rival you lost, you admit it so they don’t bonk your head with a club because, NOW GET THIS, we can save resources instead of fighting!
HUH? Sorry evolution dork but I aint giving you the latitude. Evolution is about surviving…period. The moment Crog or Dink or whatever a caveman’s name is drops his guard not only am I crushing his Neanderthal skull in, I MIGHT AS WELL EAT YOU TOO!! Why not? Free lunch?
The joke about evolutionist is their inability to recognize philosophy in their pseudo-science. They have the luxury of taking already completed complex systems like a human for crud sake, and reverse engineer to justify why we do stuff we certainly don’t need to do anymore.
The theory of evolution is we drop behavior ( as well as organs and appendages for that matter ) that no longer serve us well, but when it doesn’t happen the backpedaling hypothesis of the evolutionists kicks into gear and begins to make up an idiotic buffet of conjecture, imagination and too much free time.
Why don’t they keep playing their little game since most people are too intimidated to dissent from their atheistic materialist philosophy? The Ben Stein movie “Expelled” proved that, buy it on DVD and get educated.
The funny thing is it isn’t much of a leap to go from the raised hands victory pose to the raised open hands surrender pose. Sounds a little too close for comfort. Think about the potential danger in this.
If you accidently opened your hands during this triumph gesture it’s now the universal sign for surrender and before you know it your taking a tree branch to the temple all the while wondering what happened to trying to be intimidating.
It would be fun to be an evolutionary anthropologists since because you have a degree you can make stuff up and no one challenges you.
Lets figure out all our human gestures just for laughs. I can see it now, “Sure that’s why we have a universal sign of flipping the bird at someone. Its single middle finger pointing upward was evolved to tell your enemy “hey if you’re looking for birds…they’re up there you idiot…. Got ya… THWACK!!
No the truth of the story is that theists and especially Christians know that the greatest detriment to human maturity is ego. Pride is the ultimate sin. To throw your hands in the air is to excitedly express to everyone watching that age-old human tradition of being proud your better than the next guy.
But it doesn’t stop there. We also throw our hands in the air for exuberance, joy and oh yes, to praise the Almighty. So for all you postulators of us humans being advanced apes, quit with the insults. Have you seen apes in the wilderness, they throw poop at each other. That may be your cousin, it surly aint mine.

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