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finished shopping at Publix here in Nashville. Publix is a grocery store that
is way over priced but its worth it because they taught all their employees to
fake the fact that they care you’re there. As I was leaving I had no less than
4 employees tell me to have a nice day on the way out.

have often wondered how one goes about having a nice day. What even constitutes
a nice day in the first place? I mean how hard is it? I suppose not getting
electrocuted would define a nice day but what about clipping your nails? If
your nails are too long and they bug you then to have them clipped would be nice.
Since that niceness happened within the course of a day then apparently you
have had a nice day.

if , on the other hand, something goes wrong during the day that makes it a bad
day but later something nice happens? Which day is it then, nice or not? Is
there a rule? Maybe the last place the day landed becomes the defining point
for the day you think? Why do we say have a nice day but when it isn’t nice we
say we are having a “bad” day. Shouldn’t it be we’re having a “mean” day? Isn’t
mean the opposite of nice?

also think we need to take into consideration who we are asking to have a nice
day since that could make all the difference. A nice day to me may not be
considered as nice to, say, Attila the Hun for example. His idea of a nice day
starts with crushing the skulls of your enemy with battle-axes and broadswords
and ends sweetly with some ill-gotten gains of meat, vegetables and animal
skins. Oh and lets not forget a nightcap of raping and pillaging.

the pressure on a stranger to have a nice day is also off putting and
potentially insulting. How do you know I’m not in the middle of a nice day?
Maybe this is one of the nicest days I have ever had then you come along and
ruin it by implying it’s not nice enough.
Now I’m starting to get paranoid about my settling for my pathetic nice day
when there was a better one waiting for me as long as I ran into a cashier and
bagger at the grocery store to encourage me into the promised land. What do they
know that I don’t?

Yes I
get most of my life encouragement and motivation from people making 7 bucks an
hr. I think ultimately the term have a nice day is an insult. Why would anyone
ever need a reminder to have a nice day like it never occurred to you until
that moment? What idiot wakes up and hopes for a crappy day? Who isn’t always
EVERY day shooting for a nice one?

in all I’m simply saying that having a nice day may not happen since I don’t
control the universe. On the other hand, if we encouraged each other to make a nice day, we just might be onto
something. Anyhow that’s my thoughts for today so have a good one…Hey, wait a

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