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I come from a different age. Sure things may be
“safer” nowadays, but they are definitely less enjoyable. Today’s kids have
grown up in an age of paranoia. When I was growing up one of the things that
passed for fun was lying out in the sun. We actually used the phrase ” I’m
gonna go layout”. This was a time where sun products were designed to enhance
and enable the suns power, not fear it. This was a time where we wore sun-TAN
lotion as opposed to sun-SCREEN lotion.


Suntan lotion’s purpose was to demonstrate you
actually were IN the sun enjoying nature and Gods gift of warmth and light.
Sunscreen is supposed to block the ultra-violet rays so as to give you warmth
of the sun with the added benefit of when finished, you look worse than when
you started. Yes we went from brown, tan, healthy look to the pasty-white
cadaver/goth look as the new appearance of health.


Of course vegetarians have been doing a similar
concept, for years; they espouse the benefits of vegetables,  and then try and prove their point by
looking like a skeletal ectomorph/prisoner of war, ribcage protruding version
of health. If we were still in Eden, vegetables alone would be fine. Heck in
Eden we were allowed to walk around naked and God was cool with it!  The militant anti fur vegetarians, like
all materialist driven philosophies are glaringly inconsistent. We aren’t
supposed to eat animals in their opinion because in their opinion we ARE


They tell us we are animals, yet approve of the
animal kingdom eating each other? Wait a minute, based on their definitions, if
animals (humans) shouldn’t eat animals (beasts) then animals (beasts) shouldn’t
be allowed to eat “fellow animals,” humans (beasts). Based on the vegetarian
philosophy, if consistent, every time lions eat a gazelle they are committing
cannibalism. When we join in the feast as the other “animals” do they say we
are we are somehow inhumane. How ironic they use the term (less than human)
when describing our beastly act of eating animals. Of course to be less than
human presupposes humans moral and mental superiority, which is a concept they
don’t agree with. I know it makes no sense but postmodern thought doesn’t
believe in “common” sense, only in their agenda driven sense. Which amounts to
the world they create in their minds and force upon us.


Their hypocrisy reaches new heights when they
make fake hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meat tasting food substitutes out of
soybeans and tofu so the veggieheads can enjoy a barbecue like the normal
people do. They want it to taste like the real thing, which proves what the
rest of us already knew…meat tastes good!


The real question is if you think eating meat is
wrong why would you invent your own version? How sick and twisted do you have
to be in order to eat a version of the food you disdain and find immoral? Can
you imagine eating faux human brains or a pretend human thigh or breast, which
you justify since it is really made of soy?


There is no excuse to eat anything that claims
to taste like a food you find offensive. If you are a vegetarian you can eat
vegetables and that is it. You chose to refuse meat so don’t be eating pretend
meat and believing your conscious is clear. As for me and my house, see you at
the barbecue with my shirt off to catch some rays. Now that would be a treat to
enhance anyone’s cookout!

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