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Every good
show on T.V. warns the viewers that the amazing, unpredictable, exciting and
dangerous thing they are about to do should never be attempted by the rest of
us. These are trained professionals. There is though one major flaw in their
reasoning. The reason why these guys got good at what they’ re demo-ing, is


If you never
try it at home you never get good enough to demonstrate your skill in front of
others. Those same “others” that you warn “don’t try this at home”. How come
only the people having fun by trying it at home get to try it at home? Only so
they get the privilege of telling us not


I recognize
that some things we are warned not to try at home are stupid things that get
the guy hurt and we laugh at them for being so stupid, but don’t we as Americans
have the right to do stupid stuff? The truth is we are allowed to do stupid stuff it’s just what stupid stuff does the culture or laws allow?


We cant jump
off the roof of our local community swimming pool on a skateboard holding an
umbrella BUT we can go to a nightclub, get drunk, make a pass at someone we
don’t know, assess our own ability to get behind the wheel of a car and then
drive home. We are allowed to try that at “home”, somehow we are relying on
your personal responsibility to guide you


We’ve all
run red lights. It’s only the people that run red lights, hit some innocent
other car, injure them, that we as a community scream and wrench our hands,
“Off with their heads!” One of the best lines I ever heard from a pastor was
from the late Ed Cole. Author of the book ” Maximized Manhood” who said, ” We
tend to judge others by what they do, but we judge ourselves by our


The truth of
the matter is most of the stuff we aren’t encouraged to try at home is done by
men. Adolescent men specifically, but men in general. Usually it amounts to
something dangerous that will hurt or, at least, could. To women it is idiocy,
to men; it is a right of passage.


Men grow up
hearing their mom constantly utilize the mom-invented phrase, “you’re going to
get hurt”. The truth is men don’t care. The fact we are interested in this
challenge is that the possibility is very real we are going to get hurt. That’s
the intrigue. Men like to challenge pain. Men are inspired by the possibility
that they are going to pay for this endeavor.


When it comes
to pain talk you will always have women interject how they have babies so only they know pain. The reason women have
babies isn’t because they are more noble, it’s because GOD SAID SO! By the way,
the pain came as punishment for failure to follow Gods instructions.



Men would
have babies if that were the only alternative. Men are the ones who have always
fought in war to make the world a safe place for women to have babies. Men are
the one getting killed and captured and tortured for their commitment to their


Anyone want
to argue the pain involved in POW torture is less than giving birth? Not to
mention they were often left in these horrific conditions for days, weeks, and
years. At least at the end of labor you get the miraculous result of another
human. Men’s labor pain, (based on Genesis) is never ending and produces the
results of having to do it again tomorrow. (I always look for ways to lift up
my gender whenever possible, Lord knows the culture doesn’t.)


Our result
is giving birth to dreams, nations, culture, ideas, discoveries, and hope. So I
for one demand we go back to the old days where we were encouraged to try it at
home. Hey the worse that could happen is you cause the toilet to explode and
end up covered in excrement. The best that could happen is some other guy had
the foresight to film your experiment and you become a you-tube legend.

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