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I don’t think people take Hell very seriously anymore. We used too. As a matter of fact it was one of the reasons why people were nicer years ago because they didn’t want to go to hell. That was a …Read More

Where did we ever come up with the romantic notion that the best way to die is in our sleep? First things first, when it comes to dying, there really isn’t a “good” way to go. Why? Because you’re dead! …Read More

How in this day and age are people still killing people while cleaning their gun? If you were a gun owner one would think you would be most aware of removing the bullets before cleaning. If this isn’t a collect …Read More

For those of you new to this sight and are lifelong Christians, I’ll wait while you have sufficiently picked yourself up off the floor and taken some nitro capsules for the near heart attack brought on by your reading of …Read More