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How in this day and age are people still killing
people while cleaning their gun? If you were a gun owner one would think you
would be most aware of removing the bullets before cleaning. If this isn’t a
collect the insurance scam I don’t know what one is?

It seems as though this excuse has worked over
the years but it is getting a little stale. Of course if it works why change
the strategy?  It would be a
perfect scenario for other murderers to give it a go and see how dazed jurors
of our peers actually can be.

“Sir why did you run over your wife”? “I didn’t,
I was washing my car when it suddenly went out of control and hit her while she
was sunbathing in the back yard. What are the odds that the one time I decide
to wash my car with the engine on…THIS happens”?

Similar to the insanity plea. The fact that people
can live a normal life and then for no apparent reason get an itch to murder
and eat their neighbor and then get let off the hook should be (by us sane
people) reason enough to make the insanity plea an automatic lifer for the
insane dude. I would have to categorize this as a put em in jail and throw away
the key conclusion if there ever was one.

Yes but
(says the bleeding heart), they were not responsible for their behavior. If you
are telling me that people can snap at the drop of a hat and then claim they
were in a fog, or the toaster wouldn’t stop screaming at them, then I don’t
like my chances hanging with him if he asks me if I would like to take a tour
of the old neighborhood meat packing place, you know for nostalgias sake? In
other words if you are unable to desist from your periodic robotic killing
sprees then you have forfeited the privilege of living amongst the non-cannibals.

It does lead to interesting developments in the
idea of justice when this nonsense is allowed leeway. Who would have imagined
awhile back that when a pastors wife shot her husband in the back of the head
with a shot gun while he slept, ran off with her kids to escape, (funny how her
“sanity” kicked in when she needed it most), gets caught, suddenly remembers
her husband was “abusive” and eventually was returned custody of her kids, that
this is considered justice to a society. Women have been let off the hook for
violent crimes against men for years when apparently the only time feminists
play the “we are weak and fragile and in need of assistance” card is when women

Excuses for our sinful behavior is nothing new
to the human race as it was the original “Abbott and Costello” routine. “What
happened?..she did it!…what happened?…the snake did it!…what happened? The
people you made did it!…. Oh I see…It’s MY fault for being dumb enough to
make you guys, my bad!”

This is where the Judeo/Christian worldview
comes in handy. It actually recognizes the sinful human condition and admits
it, God didn’t make an excuse for us, instead He bought our pardon. You might
want to consider that the next time you hear about the husband who was
accidently cut to ribbons while his wife was cleaning the chainsaw.


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