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With school only a few weeks away I ask you, where
would we be w/o that purveyor of truth and tolerance…. the education system?
What must it be like to be so concerned about children that you can begin to
dictate what they are allowed to eat at school and more importantly at home.

I bought some frosted flakes the other day and
failed to notice that they came with a 3rd less sugar. Let me make
this crystal clear. There is only one reason why I buy frosted flakes….FOR THE FROSTED PART! 

If I wanted frosted flakes with the sugar
removed I would have bought Wheaties! My wife tells me the kids can’t bring sodas
to school or snack cakes because the school is so concerned about obesity. They
desperately don’t want my kids getting fat by food.

They also don’t want them getting fat because of
pregnancy but apparently that’s a different fix. Condoms are available so our
kids can have sex but it won’t make them fat. THERE’S your moral compass from
the secular humanist. Heck if you encourage indulgence without consequences
then why not be consistent and apply it to food?

Kids should be taught how to eat whatever and
how much they want including snack cakes and Twinkies and then just teach them
how to throw up. What’s the difference? Have sex…no pregnancy, or, eat empty
calories then we’ll teach you how to remove the danger through the free-choice
of purging, heck we’ll even call it your constitutional right! All without
inconveniently notifying you’re parents. I mean isn’t that what school was
intended for.

Sure we have a problematic national school
system that ranks near the bottom in math and such. But I’ll bet we’re at the
top of the list when it comes to teaching kids what to eat and how to use

Remember we live in a society whose chief aim is
to allow us to indulge our appetites. Whatever I desire becomes my “right”.
Really?  I desire frosted flakes
with a third MORE sugar. I want at least a cup poured at the bottom of the box
to ensure my sugar fix; but no, not with big brother at the helm. The new
battle cry for school kids is simple,

deny me and don’t judge me either as my self-esteem couldn’t take the hit. Of
course reading and writing and arithmetic have their place, but when I fail at
it you can teach me how to sue others for bias or prejudice or emotional
distress. That’s what the founding fathers had in mind for school, to teach me
and ESPECIALLY others…that no one is more important than me!

Yes school really came into its own when it
began to be run by the politically correct and no longer demanded personal
responsibility. You removed swats and discipline along time ago and OH aren’t
kids nicer now? Finally you created a learning environment where kids can be
trusted with automatic weapons.

All of this and you think that the real problem
for our kids isn’t moral absolutes; it’s with sugar in frosted flakes? Enough
is enough. This is education in America baby! Stay away from my sugar and pass
the condoms, just like the founding fathers intended.

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