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Temptation is often describes as a Lion in the Bible. 1.. This Lion Lies with Fear. Samson is one of the strongest men that ever lived. He took on entire armies and won…. He beat a Lion with his bear […]

02/03/13 “Integrity Like a Lion” (Chad Hovind) Here’s the link to the message I gave about Integrity of a Lion. We need to see temptation for what it is. The only way to resist temptation is to see it for what […]

Temptation Tastes Like Honey, but sits in the Carcass of A Lion Since there are two types of lions and two types of honey, we must learn to distinguish Between Two types of Lion and Honey.  If we learn to distinguish […]

When Jonathon walked in my office, he wanted to share the story of his conversion from pacifism to self-defense and just war.  He grew up in a Mennonite community which clearly taught that all violence, guns, and aggression were wrong. […]