February 2012 Archives

Today we are looking at one of the hardest questions anyone has ever struggled with. It is Suffering.  It is the doctorate level intellectual challenge to faith in God that has kicked all of us in the teeth at one […]

If you struggle with suffering, and we all do,  and if you consider yourself an agnostic or atheist… I would invite you to fully embrace your answer to the problem. You may not like the Bible’s recipe, but really look […]

All of us have a belief system.  Steve calls himself an Agnostic, but he has a belief system. I call myself a follower of Christ.  I have one.  Steve has great faith in his belief system. I have great faith […]

There are certain words that seem weak. Words like Compassion, Authenticity, or Gentleness.  These do not seem like “Leadership words!”   They invoke painful stereotypes of being forced to “talk about our feelings” in a counseling office, or be treated like […]

George Soros couldn’t be more wrong.  His “wisdom” is out of alignment with history, common sense, and Biblical wisdom.  He recently said in an article “Otherwise we will repeat the mistakes that plunged America into the Great Depression in 1929. […]

As we look at the business environment…as we look at parenting our kids…as we look at the daily barrage of possible choices we could make, we realize that we are constantly faced with temptation. We are constantly inundated with opportunities […]

At one point or another, we’ll all face the sting of gossip. Someone takes a half truth about us, our family, our career, and twists it and spreads it.  Sometimes the truth is twisted and that ends up being destructive […]

During World War II, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower commanded history’s most powerful military force. Under his leadership, the Allied Forces liberated Europe. But even as supreme commander, Eisenhower couldn’t simply issue dictums from on high. He needed to hold a complicated […]