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Every leader can handle anger constructively by following three steps: 1.  Look Under Your Anger 6 So the LORD said to Cain,”Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? God says to Cain… Look under your anger. Ask […]

Godonomics teaches the importance of concepts like property rights, incentive, and liberty.   As you search the Scriptures, you see constant references to these important pillars of freedom.  God outlines them in the ten commandments as He teaches His people […]

The Bible is Too Niavely Optimistic Most religions have a way of elevating yourself. Usually it is some version of good deeds. In Buddhism you get enlightenment. In Islam you follow the 7 pillars. In Judaism you keep the law. […]

There is nothing like a game of Wii to reveal that the best of families quickly goes from looking like the old Leave It To Beaver show to The Munsters show. In the family room, we discover that we are […]

I am capable of anything because I am just as capable of being as foolish, as unloving, unkind, and unaware as any horror story I’ve ever heard, it drives me to seek wisdom from God and others. So, the Bible’s […]

Over the years, it’s been fun to see some people’s reaction when they find out that I am a pastor. Some of my best friendships have started with folks who started out very skeptical to me and the church. When […]

There was a powerful man from the Bible and ancient history named Cyrus. He was a leader. A ruler. A mover and a shaker. He ruled the Empire of Persia around 600 BC . And even he had this longing […]

There is something special about Home isn’t there? I love that song by Michael Bubble’.  And this kitchen chair of grandma brings back a lot of memories of home for me as well.  My grandma Hovind taught me to play […]