December 2011 Archives

There is nothing like a game of Wii to reveal that the best of families quickly goes from looking like the old Leave It To Beaver to The Munsters shows. In the family room, we discover that we are all […]

If anything the last year has shown us is that nothing is certain.  The only certain thing is that… there is nothing certain. Few things can be counted on concretely.  Few things live up to their claims.  Remember that scene […]

Fearful Generosity Do you remember cooties?   Both the toy and the imaginary disease girls or boys had in school.   No one wants “cooties.”   We are scared of them.  We are fearful of the unknown and unseen.  Many of us have […]

Ever feel like Christmas has become too commercialized?  It’s more about getting than giving? This is the second Christmas since Beth’s grandmother passed away.  She was a woman of few words.  She served others to show her love. She grew […]

One more Biblical Reason why human rights and civil rights are so key to Christianity: The idea that life is sacred. and life begins not only at conception, but before conception is also found in the story of Christmas. Luke […]

  A WORLD OF PAIN Matthew 2:13-23 doesn’t seem very “Christmas-y”.  When we think of Christmas, we think of love, peace, joy, food, child in pretty manger, etc.   But in our study of Matthew 2, we are reminded of the […]

We will talk about the winner of a fight or an argument by saying, “he had the last laugh.”  God says that He will have the last laugh. Not just him, but his son Jesus, the “One” who is enthroned […]

We are all looking for a lasting joy. We had gifts as kids, “Weiny Whistles, Slinkies, etc.” that we knew that when we got “it”, we’d be happy forever. We’d laugh and rejoice forever once we got that.  We all […]