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This morning we are continuing our STRONG journey digging into the life of Jehoshaphat.   Let’s review… We are living during a time called the “Divided Kingdom.” Israel had three main kings when they were one nation:  Saul, then David, and […]

Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? I.  BIBLICAL ANSWERS FOR DEPRESSION Serious mental illnesses (SMIs), which afflict about 6% of American adults, cost society $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year, according to findings published in this month’s American Journal […]

2) Celebrate and all Judah gave presents to Jehoshaphat,   What is the entire country doing? Playing. Celebrating. Cheering. This is an incredibly spiritual thing to do. In fact, our first Strong Challenge is to celebrate, to play strong, to […]

In our new series, STRONG CHALLENGE, we are Studying 2 Chronicles in our first service.  We’ll be going through STRONG book, STRONG playing cards, and 2 Chronicles together.   During this series we will be examining spiritual habits and disciplines. […]

I was a little discouraged one night a few months ago. I was discouraged that my wife was very stressed about the move, getting the house set up, getting kids to school.   I was feeling unappreciated, feeling like she was […]

This morning we are looking at prayer and meditation.  Meditation may conjure up images in your mind of yoga, someone crossing their hands and feet and saying “ohmmm” or Gregorian chants…but none of those are examples of what the Bible […]

I spent my day with a heroine recently. He was 21 years old. He was on the crew of my moving company. As I drove from to our new house, he jumped in the car with me. I asked him […]

My mom was brilliant, and she still is. She has a relational I.Q. that is out of this world. She can sense when someone needs encouragement. She knows when there is something fishy going on. She has found a way […]

I. DO I NEED SOME NEW “OUGHT TO” HABITS? Do you  need some new habits?  Are you really free to be who you want to be?  John Ortberg in his book THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED gives some tests to […]

Last Sunday, we began “The Strong Challenge” which is an all city, multi-church journey encouraging all of us to get strong by practicing certain spiritual habits. I have to confess that having a weakling like me do a series called […]