Welcome to Gaming For God, the place where d-pads and dice meet the divine! Within the hallowed borders of your trusty browser we’ll discuss some of the things we love most, namely gaming (both of the video and board varieties) and religion. Still confused? Never fear! I’ve put together a helpful venn diagram to walk you through the confusing nature of our little blogging enterprise.

See that blue part in the middle? That’s us! Simple, isn’t it?

Game Master Stephen is both a connoisseur of retro games of yesteryear and an owner of an actual Masters of Divinity degree, perhaps making him the global expert on the parallels between 8-bit sidescrollers and the Torah. I love gaming of the cardboard variety and will force those of you foolish enough to stumble into this blog to read my essays on the joys of European style boardgames (hey, wait, come back, where are you going?). Add a healthy dollop of humor to this potent combination of geekery and you have something wholly unique on the internet. It may, in fact, be so unique that we’ll be the only ones reading it.

So kick back, relax, and let Gaming For God entertain and enlighten you! If at any point you continue to be confused, just refer back to the above diagram.

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