First things first, if you managed to find this site then:

Second things second, if you don’t understand why the above picture is funny, then you might be in the wrong place.  Were you looking to test your knowledge of Yoga positions?  Perhaps looking for a video of a cat saving a baby from an adorable, yet angry, herd of elephants?  If so, back up that browser and keep searching Beliefnet.

However, if you are looking for hardcore awesome discussions about video games, humor, and yes, even a little spirituality, you have arrived at the right place.  A winner is you, indeed!  Myself and Game Master Evan will be dazzling you with hilarious posts about religion and video games from now until the plot of Fallout becomes reality.  I am a pro in the spiritual art of console gaming, specializing in the retro games and most anything crazy that comes from Japan.  A few things I’ve got planned are:

10 Legend of Zelda Items That Would Have Been Useful in the Bible

The Religious Reality of Final Fantasy X

The Top Un-Godly Video Game Peripherals

…and more!

If those topics sound awesome (they are!) then hit the subscribe button and prepare for one wild, side-scrolling, pixelated ride through the world of video game-age.

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