This might be the easiest act of humility you do all year – the Humble Indie Bundle #3.  For those not in the know, the Humble bundle has become a fixture in the PC gaming community.  It allows you to download 5 games and name your price.  Sweet, right?  Well, the creators go even further by allowing you to decide where the money goes.  You can give a piece to the developers, or you can give a piece to one of the sponsored game-related charities.

Traditionally the bundle has one or two absolute knockout games, whether it be Braid or Trine (both Godly games).  This time the best get is the incredible VVVVVV.  It is a retro throwback platform revolving around the ability to control gravity.  The game, which I can’t endorse enough, normally retails for 15 dollars!  So you can get it and four others for whatever price you like.  Incredible right?  By downloading you are also supporting great indie games made by people just like me and you.

So, think of the children, and buy some sweet games!  Humbling, indeed.

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