Christians LOVE advertising their faith on their t-shirts. If you are one such Christian, might as well at least advertise your love of video games as well. Enjoy these scrumptious combinations of Jesus, gaming, and cotton.

“Jesus Rolls the Katamari.” He sure does. And you’d know that if you had read our stunning expose on WVGWJP (What Video Games Would Jesus Play?).

“My God is My Gamer.” This is the perfect shirt design except for one thing: Jesus obviously rocks the Xbox rather than the Playstation. The artist didn’t know this, of course, which is why he has, in error, placed a tainted DualShock in the undefiled hands of the Almighty.


“Even God Knows It.” This is my favorite out of all of them. Oh yeah, baby. The precious Konami code is the sole reason my brother and I played so much freakin’ Contra as kids.


“God is In Control.” The image of God controlling humanity with a Nintendo pad is, to put it mildly, hilarious.


“Deus Ex Machina – God in the Machine.” Ok, so this one isn’t explicitly about video games (but my wife bought it for me, so I’m partial). It is, however, a pretty sweet rendering of the phrase “Deus Ex Machina,” which will ring certain bells with the video gaming faithful. Would you consider it blasphemy if I told you I’ve never actually played Warren Spector’s groundbreaking game?



“Jesus Saves Before the Final Boss.” If there actually was a video game where one could play Jesus and then vanquish a triple-fire-ball-spewing Prince of Darkness on the last stage, I would be playing it right now.




“Jesus Saves After He Passes Each Level.” I’m thinking Jesus routinely beats games in one life. So…. yeah…. this one’s a little blasphemous.

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